November is here and Thanksgiving Day is upon us. Are you ready for starting with Thanksgiving in just a few weeks? There are many fun activities to do with the family around Thanksgiving to teach your kids to be grateful, keep the family laughing and creating memories around Thanksgiving. From school parties to family events, watch the custom iphone 6 cases Parade to Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner, let your little turkey participate in all the Thanksgiving Day activities to help children learn about the true spirit of Thanksgiving. Before the big games, the big meal, the parades and the pies, why not get in a little exercise with a few thousand neighbors? Do a “Turkey Trot” Run or Walk. Our neighbors run as a family every year. This is our great Thanksgiving Day tradition. It’s an event the whole family will enjoy! You can start training now and customize t-shirts with “Kid’s fun run” or “Turkey Trot”for your whole family.

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