You may think just using the cleaning cloth wipe the lens is ok.It is really very easy.But do you know if you wipe the lens correctly,the lens may be damaged by the cloth! Nowadays,most eyeglasses is resin lens,but many people do not clean the eyeglasses correctly. While how to clean the lenses on safety glasses to avoid scratching the lens? There are some tips you can take as follows.

To keep the lenses on your safety glasses for becoming scratched follow these three easy steps. First, use your breath to blow any loose dirt or debris from your lenses. If possible rinse your lenses under a faucet or use lens cleaning spray from a lens cleaning station. If neither are available use an alcohol lens cleaning towelette to custom iphone 6 cases gently clean both sides of the lens. Wipe the lenses dry with a soft microfiber cloth to remove any streaks or cleaning solution residue.

Some other helpful tips to avoid scratched lenses. Don’t use your shirt, shop rag, facial tissue or paper towel to clean your lenses. Most of these fabrics are infused with abrasive fibers that will scratch your lenses. If you use a microfiber pouch to wipe your lenses, use the inside of the pouch. The exterior may have picked up dirt, debris or other abrasive contaminants that will scratch your lenses. Never clean your lenses with dish washing soaps or household glass cleaners. These products custom watches contain chemicals that may remove the special lens coatings or delaminate mirrored lens tints. Store your safety glasses in a hard case or microfiber pouch when you’re not wearing them. Improper storage of safety eyewear is the second most common cause of lens scratches.

Following the above cleaning techniques will keep your lenses clean and help extend the life of your eyewear. Before clean your glasses, why not create a custom glasses cloth for yourself?