The more people grow more will understand that there is a thing called the best “not” in the world. Initially, you are my secret. I’m afraid, you know, afraid you do not know, but also afraid of you know pretended not to know. You do not say, I do not say, far and near. And now, please let me in the name of a friend, and continue to love you. —– Hurry that year

Saddest not you forget our vows together, happy when we love, but you obviously remember, but can not do that; the saddest not I do not love you, but I learned from the past, present, and future are You do not want to forget, I always did my presence, and my love will be promo code forever silent.

Oath always no match for time, one day we will become each other’s passing. Some people love silently, not is beautiful. Some people even get up, eventually dispersed. Youth always longing for a better future, and when the future comes true, we are always in the memories of that time Sentimental mere appearance.

When I stood junction youth and youth, looking back, I rush that year. I can not tell it is light enough to be ignored, or had heavy tearful silence. However, I think one day we will make time to play down all the sadness and obsession. At that time, we will not have thoughts about who, about who will no longer have secrets. And so when we look back zaful coupons on this period of time, will suddenly discover that it has been very light. We eventually in silence, with the passage of time, to return all the memories, to answer all the answers.

Often said, is passed over. Even in an individual countless laughter and sadness, we just quietly silence looking at his back, a collection of his joys and his sorrows. The passage of time many of our youth chip shadow, so if you have a chance to make back in time, let it stuck in the moment we met it. A beautiful beginning, not this sad ending.

Time does take away a lot of things that we, as a crystal-colored dyed colorful heart when we ought to understand that no always loved, nor does become eternal vows. At the same time, we then why not deceive ourselves, we can really put down it? If, down, why would not let myself keep obsession, always in the moment himself inadvertently ran out of hard torture. We always keep up the pace of reality, but we accept it in addition to the cruelty and punishment, have no choice!

Often wondered what story? Grief is heavy to suffocation or obsession to lack of regret? If so, I can not be a story of the people? Always inexplicable sadness, have had a past obsession. But coupons I still believe that spring blossoms of sunshine!

That rush, is not to be used for each youth the saddest story proves that we have met each other; each youth is not there for people who can not depend on a bye; is not each youth will have to wait until Secret we grow old to miss. Is it only sadness is the eternal theme of youth? Unfortunately, it only can always hovering on the edge of memory, not to be forgotten?

I would like to be silent, you leave or stay, you remember or forget, I have the most beautiful season, I met you. Someday, I will have to leave, there is always a period of time, I will put your memories, memories of my youth, the most sad and sweet.

I hope that I’ve met you will always be one of the happiest people in the world, do not disappoint me, at the moment for you to write blessing, even if one day your happiness has nothing to do with me.