A trace of bitterness, a pain

This night, like you hazy and clear, strange and familiar.

I thought we were very close, but always separated by a gap between people, that’s who your mind.

I think I was in an episode of your life, to accompany you in the dark night, help you into lingering, and then disappear.

Lingering thoughts, music constantly hear the sound of a broken heart, a place in the heart.

Close your eyes, imagine what you look like, counting those fleeting memories, find happiness has been out coupon deal of the track.

I know when to give up everything I can do for you, and have exhausted all my sincere attitude, care of the face.

I know, in front of others what you are all saying how good, how, how the pain of people.

I know that when I’m in front of you joy, you can not see the tears my heart sad and fundus.

I know that when you disregard my feelings, I will always be lonely at the sky, looking forward to the arrival of rain.

But you are still very small, I do not blame you.

I think, I should not awake, learn from others, give yourself the opportunity to drunken -.

Excuse, I was brave …-

No one seems to be no apparent zaful reason suddenly sad, sad behind each one, there are some unknown, unforgettable memories.

Just like you, really not easy. Fear of injury, fear of being hurt more.

When dawn comes, looking at you pretend to be strong. Who would know the night curled up in bed you cry more sad.

Baby, someday. Some say no, dear, I want you.

Some people say I’m not stubborn to give you happiness, not someone on your long-winded chatter.

No more ferocious and then someone says you do not listen, I will beat it.

Not someone wants to call you, and then turned to say you wanted to hear your voice and bargaining would like to speak a few calls.

This one I lost, you will be sad it.

I think that when this day comes.

That is, I’m really desperate, really heartbreaking, really tired.

Because there are too many, I pretend it does not matter at all, but I really do not care about it?

And How about you? I will care about everything?

I know, in fact, all my fault.

I’m waiting for you to do a silent lover.

Silently bear all, secretly waiting for you, want you.

But I have shown all these out, you know, clearly, understanding, and eventually moved, but also want to leave.

Baby, someday. Your life is no longer there, I certainly can not remember my existence, my marks, because I’m afraid you’ll lost, will be sad, I would think. All this is not because you love me, love me, but I got used to the phone every day, every day of the message, I importune, I depend on you.

Because, when a person’s life when accustomed to the presence of another person, even if there is no love, and love, she will still feel lost, will be a little sad, and want him, so if some day. Be sure to forget me. Make you happy, and that is my mind.

I know, you can not forget him.

I know, I will be sad. I could not help but want to love you.

Remember the last time you made a picture. Is your family situation.

I know what it is. I see you so sad. Or endured the pain joke saying that you are not trying to tell me your home address.

Not without pain, not silly. But, you need to love more than I do.

I know, I will be pain. But I amazon coupons still hope you’re better than me, I hope to see you happy lives every day.

Smoked a cigarette and smiled. Feelings in the world, is not that so. Someone will always be sad.

Not disappoint, but the heart is no longer.

How to say, how to say.

Just want to say, no matter how you told me.

Before getting married, let me never betray it.

Whether it is in the side or behind.

Do not for me to say I’m sorry.

While you do this to me. I ever blame you.

Do not say I possessed, and you do not they like me possessed.

I do not say the blessing.

Where is my happiness follow you will know.

Say to yourself, you’re just tired and wanted to rest.

Baby, forgive me for self-healing is reluctant to leave.

I’m afraid one day you think, but I can not find me.

So, I will always be behind you, you can see just one back.

Whenever, waiting for you to appear. Give you a thin but warm embrace.

Said so many times not to sleep at night.

Is the fear that you sentimental evening.

You say I’m stupid, in fact, you most stupid.

Say you are a pig, you do not admit it.

Why so gloomy?

Why think so much?

One day you can be happy.

I can not consider.

Do not look back, afraid you will cry.

Pigs, promise me. Make yourself a little simple.

Do not give yourself a whole so tired.

Read, will be distressed.

Future so long.

How can you give up now.

I smiled to go.

Otherwise, I beat you.

Good night, pigs.