Thin cold this earth

Looked up at the window, the night before the dawn half. Forget time, forget the day and night of estrangement and forget that he is still struggling with that endless. Only habit each night, will look to the mouth involuntarily windows, because the top was covered with that Ruqierzhi moon. When to him when I found out late at night.

– Article: Funo

Sleepless, with no sleep, listen coupon deal to sound sad sad, the soku cover of night, calling who face; Or resurrection, or leave, or Chihiro. Between the mundane world, who miss who’s face, who love the room who’s eye, who’s guarding who gave full of tenderness, who piled up in the heart of a grave, and buried the man did not return.

Thousands of people, in which Jin bloom in that season, you and I first met; on that sunny day of bridges, you and I know each other; to that gentle summer wind, when alongside the Stars tour, I love you . Wanted, but it began to rain in the days to come, we are no respective horizon. End I do not know, this is a good fortune, or a false encounter. If you know the outcome, why did, if it did, why separation.

Listen to a song, thoughts wander. Mind clear outline of your face, lips rise across a trace of playful smile, worry away from the eyes of people pity. Always remember, in your arms, my black hair strands thousand, gave the Spirit shining hard annihilation.

Black set off months of next night, cool heart accompanied by hot tears. Say, flowers the other side. And I’m also in the opposite side, there has never bloom, is to spend no longer open, or zaful coupon hard for me to wait, should spend no longer open, why waiting; or my hard wait, doomed a wonderful person alone, then I and willing to, only to see a bustling!

Buy mullion moon, has also a sense of where fear scattered brow, who scattered and read why scattered. Sleep habits, sleep habits in injury alone, used in magic sleep safely. Holding a ray of moonlight, on the front, told he is not alone, there I was with, and laugh at him, I would be your companion. Midnight somewhat shallow recalled the past, it pandahall coupon was not the old oath, now it has become a smile. The reason is called a smile, because in my opinion, everything is the unpredictability of life, but now can only laugh it off.

Middle of the night a bit, read if disaster, one from the song, the two sides horizon. Words, a promise of moonflower language under the front end becomes smoke. Wealth, Bowl, if shown signs of hope, why goodbye. Thin cold earth, how much love is worth remembered.