I finally your obsession forget you
Are you a person so over a long period of time? You are waiting for that guy? Are you sure you wait still a man and not have the kind of feeling?

Miss z day to play at home, watching the Miss z not popular children’s home, I can not imagine how she is a person lived here for so long, Miss z home with her except a cat really have nothing, I asks “home so neutral, should you find a boyfriend.”

Miss z slight smile, handed me a glass of juice and then sit down, look around, “I feel like a good person,” she said, very plain, no emotions, but I coupons know the real reason for a person of her.

It was Miss z still in school, she likes a person, he is a cold look very responsible, do not say good-looking but very manly boys, Miss z and he was at the same table, the two are almost daily bickering, z and I miss that time that she hated him, stiff did not know what was gentle, and I laugh and say playing a pro curse is love, then I saw Miss z embarrassed expression on his face emerges, after z miss six months to live every day quarrel, ravaged life, but I do not know why the lady talking z each time with a smile always on his face, she joked, “If I were looking for a boyfriend ah, we must and I can quarrel, so life have fun, I love looking at each other because my words and anger and happy look, very interesting. I was not there masochism ah. “I smiled and nodded,

That winter, Miss z change at the same table, she parted with him, Miss z then said nothing, but they bring a smile to the table opened, the boys said, “You finally liberated.” Miss z still respond to him a smile, In fact, it was when she was in the end only she know how to accept defeat. She always told me, “Some people always like to unknowingly walk into your world, and so when you find that he might have left.”

That New Year’s Day party, the boys came to street dance, although there are other people on stage, but Miss z said, when her eyes saw only him, he is like the brightest star under the lights, flashing a bright light, She said she then before deciding she liked this once related to his quarrel with the boys every day, after school will always miss z unconsciously glanced in his direction, to see what he was doing, and then turn back, heart secretly happy, z lady said she was when I realized that yourself so easily satisfied, as long as he can look at himself will feel happy, after the separation they did not say so many things, no longer as it was before bicker quarrel, slowly become somewhat strange, they do not have a common ground, the phrase “I love you” Miss Z unfamiliar street just buried in the snapmade coupon heart, the collection for a long time, until the school allocation practice,

Miss z and I said, was when she shared objects to find, and she hoped was a girl, but the girls have to go home to go home, dormitory living quarters, are not familiar with is not contact, know that another classmate of the boys and she said, lived together, she thought for a long time, and finally decided to try sharing Well, then live under one roof so that, when it comes to boys, Miss Z in this school had never spoken to him, it can be said it is fate, they rented a two-bedroom house, get along very harmoniously, boys like a big brother to take care of Miss z, until that day Miss z boy said he would come, Miss z surprised a moment, she likes He is so long, she thought after not separate meet again, may have to roommates, heart is very excited, Miss z Minchun smile “then reluctantly let him come good.” Then he walked back to his house .

Here I put the boys to call Miss z like Mr. S, the third day of Miss Z came home from work the house at the door they heard a familiar voice, Miss Z smile on his face, opened the door, smiled and walked Mr. S forward, looking at Miss Z, “you this girl become beautiful.” In short, Miss Z warm heart, but fortunately he was, he did not change, Miss z laughed, “I know I am beautiful, and you have a manly. “says Mr. S nodded yes” This is not have to do, you are beautiful, I do not how handsome little. “Miss Z smiled and walked into his room, Miss Z said she never thought that one day and he can live with,

Mr. S’s stomach is not good, not eat street vendors, will go to work every day, Miss Z market to buy food, Mr. S will go back to work to cook, cook it or Mr S to sell off now, Miss Z look like in the kitchen with Mr. S cook, she likes to see his serious look, and then in the next interminable fight Mr. S, say anxious, Mr. S will stretch his arm over Z Miss Elam neck, fiercely stare, then loose open indicating what she does. The kitchen always laugh constantly, constantly bickering, outside the men do not mind sharing, listening to their quarrels, from time to time but also add a little oil on the fire. Dinner, Mr. S always take their food to Miss Z, help Miss Z hold rice, but also said, “do not eat the spirit of what you want every day.” Miss Z does not respond, just smiled and brought back the mouth.

Miss Z said that once Mr. S to cook, she would wash the dishes, the results of the open water was hot, accidentally burning her, her slightly “hiss” sound, Mr. S immediately turned around and looked at Miss Z, “you’re all right right? ”

“Nothing is just a bit hot.”

“You’re sick, ah, do not see is not this hot water? Yan is not serious.” Miss Z shook his head, turned to Mr. S Baileyiyan not speak, Miss Z and I said, “You know, since every When I was hot hand, I think of what he said, then it will warm heart. ”

Sometimes when leaving her Miss and Mr. Z S two people, Mr. S Miss Z will pull the game, recalling the past, Miss Z always smiling and combat edge scrutiny, so imperceptibly two people went to the Lianrenweiman the degree of friendship above, Miss Z said that we play poker, Mr. S said this, I win you kissed me twice, I lose, I’ll kiss you twice, Miss Z argue, finally decided to Z Miss lost kiss, Mr. S lost a couple of pro brand product Results bad day Miss Z always lose, active for a long time, and finally the satisfaction of Mr. S said with a smile, “speed connection, very good,” Miss Z zaful coupon blushing back to his room.

Miss Z rapidly thereafter, and Mr. S’s feeling, Miss Z said, “he said, even if I was pregnant with his child, he would not admit that it was his.” Saying this time with a bitter smile on her face She said, “At that moment I did not know he was a fool, after all, merely a toy of his own solitude, and while he had him as the whole world.” Then, when I listened to heart with a trace of sadness. Miss Z looked back at me and said, “now I do not know what sort of relationship we have in the end, he said if you want him to be with me, but he did not know to be together one week or one month.” Miss Z temper is hard to eat soft food, obviously in confession, Miss Z felt was seeking him and his together, Miss Z replied, “I do not, those who would Daoda Mei with you.” Thus, after Mr. S was refused, the next day back home.

Miss Z said, “I was at that time holding his pillow cried for a long time, I refused my happiness, after he had been placed in my next tooth position empty cup, and his quilt did all gone, I know him that times really gone, then I decadence, drinking himself drunk, smoking numb, just like every day without a soul wandering through day after day. ”

“You are not waiting for him?” I asked, Miss Z picked up his cat, shaking his head,

“I feel not you say there, I have also always felt that I was in wait for him, maybe he will come back, you can then slowly I thought, just need to find someone to give me the kind of heart-warming feeling of people like, then I was thinking to find a sense of, not necessarily as good, in the final analysis I do not love him the man, but had that feeling. ”

“Then he comes back now you will like it?”

“I do not think of.” Miss Z said, “When you met him, you would think he can give you a look, and when he gives you a look, you want him to give you utterance, when he for you said a word, you want him to be with you as a friend, when he became friends with you and you want him to be with you hand in hand, when he held your hand, but you want a hug, when he gave you a hug, you want him to give you a kiss, when he gave you a kiss, you want him to be with you forever, until finally lost, and then think you just recall that when the original you want it’s just a look, I was so lost back is not a bad thing, and then come back is not necessarily a good thing, good things better reason is because there is a beautiful regret not completed, it will nostalgia. ”

I nodded and did not speak, Miss z said, “I thought my life would forget him, but I was so in her obsession gradually forgotten him.” My heart surprised a moment, right ah, Time will dilute all a.

In fact, Miss Z is me, I think the most beautiful I have ever seen in this life is my idol and his story, although the plot is not much, but enough I recall, though I’m still single, but I’m not going to wait for him I think one day I’ll find that I do not give the same feeling in the hope that he will find the right people, I wish her happiness, wish me happiness.