A love letter to her sister

This life, I was a butterfly, Shizumori Yi Mei bloom. Splendor flowers, the flowers butterflies death.

Suiyueruge, between light Young graceful melody, I open your heart, puppy love, a God-given fate, let you and I met, you Splendour happens, I want to put the shy face, such as plum-like matte finish, like snow pure, water-clear, etched in my heart mark, already eight years. Despite the erosion of time, that did not dilute this feeling, but let it appear to be more valuable, more in-depth bone marrow.

Some people say that life is like a clock, walk our feet all the time, but our hearts are forever fixed in the middle, both legs go, the heart is always unchanged.

Some people say: Love is the book, turned too fast will miss too seriously will cry.

I want to say: Our feeling is this brother and sister plum butterfly dance, inadvertently encounter, sublimation years.

Vaguely remember the year college exam, carrying our broken dreams, she embarked on the road of repetition,

Vaguely remember that a bulk of the girl, she has a pair of pure transparent eyes, twinkling seems to have electricity.

Vaguely remember learning together in that small classroom inside, to encourage each other the day, in those dreary and monotonous years, our busy for their own ideals. If not you good at math than I am, if I had not physically stronger than you, maybe none of us who have no time to take into account, each with their own solutions and elliptic curve equation, each carrying its own Newton’s laws. So, perhaps we will always be two parallel lines, maybe I can never understand Newton said the force’s role is mutual. Later I came to understand, in higher mathematics, parallel lines intersect at infinity ie, Newton’s law also applies to the feelings, the role of love is mutual, you hurt, I hurt me.

That period ignorant of years, we were the morning run, crazy together, go to Internet cafes ,, skipping aliexpress coupon along strike against bad cafeteria food, it is to eat chicken every day. After each topic to explain to each other, we always ask Coke, do not know why, to this day, every time to buy a water pick to last always pick a bottle of Coke.

Initially, you always call me “dead country”, my name has a national character I can understand why we must add a “dead” in front of it? So I will count on the meter, yielded intentionally misheard as a “dead man”, so there is some time to force you changed to call brother became my pleasure. Later, you really call me brother. And a call is eight years.

Time has not yet woman man this term, but your height putting pressure on me, though now you and I almost, but time length shorter than you, that is my slow growth, malnutrition, plus give you a resulting in bathwater, and that you have some responsibility. When you live in the dormitory on the fourth floor, a bucket of water from a canteen on the fourth floor stairs, is the need to break several times, each time tired of sweating, I was so foolish as full of happiness. After all, take care of my sister is so rewarding.

At that time we probably do not understand what is love, what is feeling good and who only know the results, to the list is the star, it is the object of worship, with your eyes when docking amazing heartbeat, feeling very Wonderful. Obviously you stole my heart, but the feeling in the thief who is me.

At that time we had and only a simple dream, that is admitted to a good college, winning glory for the family, for everybody busy. Do you like Finance, said University financial professionals to learn, I like electronics, inspirational be admitted to one of the four University of Electronic Science and Technology. Every time the garbage picked up the board, like pick up a treasure, put it in the most secret places quarters, when the worship of the same God, every day, took a look, demolition of a split. To find a lot of power. Remember there is agreement between us, and that is who is the most powerful in 10 years, also pulled the hook, although until now, we in the end than what is estimated now can not tell.

“My brother, you are so fond of electronics, and so we have to work graduated money, you send me a computer amazon coupon these days?” At that time, the computer for us was a wonderful thing, to see few opportunities to more than 5000 about the RMB, although 5000 was a time for me to astronomical figures, I still keen on the idea to shoot each of the offerings without thinking, good! You pursed mouth, two big eyes full of expectation: I want my brother personally invention. To this end, a direct result of my college life spent in the engine room and the laboratory became a real nerd. Now feel they are in the lab inside Daisha this, you can not shirk its responsibility. Although until now I did not fully understand the various modules of the computer. Actually it became a hard to force the program ape.

Maybe wait until the landscape are seen through, I’m still your brother blue color.

Maybe when tomorrow becomes today, today, yesterday, yesterday became the memory of one day, we can see a steady together.

Perhaps after many years, if you married, if not marry me until you hair waist. . . .

Until today, I’ve been through over the eight years. During an argument there, there have been trouble, and even longer period of time pique contact. So I slowly summed up a theory, I like winter two pair of hedgehogs, time together will be stung each other, leaving will feel cold, I want to talk today can pull the thorn become penguins.

Skelter, noisy, like we’re accustomed to each other’s temper, I always sentimental, La La weave, you said I was not to the menopause. You still careless, forgetful, remember eight years ago you always keep up with the car, it is now the case. Was the other eight accused temper that has not changed, friends say that we have a tacit understanding so much like an old married couple, each face of such embarrassment, it was always laugh.

In fact, I would like to call microsoft coupon you my dear, every time you were not allowed, it is always angry, she said her sister is unique, and so is special. I have no way, anyway you laughed and I laughed.

That year, the top scenery Baita ACM, we watched the river water resources, and you want to leave this life, I carved for your oath on the wall, that time, I back you, the first time you have physical contact, the feeling is so wonderful.

That year, Bear Mountain snow and pleasant, I do not know you fascinated me, or are you fascinated by the scenery, we hugged, it was our first deep hug.

Today we, Shenzhen and met after work can eat together, go shopping weekend can be hand in hand, discussing what to eat today, where to go next week. Total attributed to plain living,

Standing time of intersection, when I look back, thousands mood light lock eyebrows, a paper for years, half letterhead Xinyu, a section of your memories, bit by bit, if we did not have those fail, if you are not good, If I’m not physically strong, and perhaps now we had no contact. Should the time to mature, time well, can you talk about a male and female friends do not love, because in this life, I want to be your brother.