If possible, I would like you by my side
Water a dream, flowers everywhere. Meet as porcelain, friend as a mirror, because of this understanding, such as water no longer keep in mind that lonely crossing, is not no place to place, Huakaihuaxie, ebb and flow, quietly guarding the heart of the sky, MO Q Wandering Road away, but once they know each other meet.

– Inscription

A person, a curtain clear dream. Who said, only the lonely people sit down before they can regain bustle. Many times sad really nowhere to hide, then let your heart go amazon coupon out soaking up the sun, you listen, Bluebird singing in the branches, across the window, the wind swinging willow slender waist position, the warm sun shines on the passers-bright face, wearing purple windbreaker woman, willowy gait, long hair fluttering, Yang Zhao fresh green of spring water in general, as if another long absence of their own, in an upsurge of the slightest movement in the pan, he did not help sad. What could be more people than spring view heart? Not a season, but a soft touching feelings, it allows me to hold hands warm, fresh and quiet into the heart of the spring.

After all, the weather in April, even under a drizzle, the air still glowing cozy warmth, cool breeze, jointing vegetation growing in green mountains covered with a new, colorful flowers flourish, for warmth April adds poetic.

In April, according to the brow bend, twist ray flowers, linger in the hearts of your know, lonely heart, full of affection, I think this time the yard flowering plum blossom tea is extravagant, falling petals no longer picked up, can not help but have a trace of sentimentality over the heart, when thinking about the subtle pink flowers, the yard is full of fragrance in the air.

Time such as water, accidentally went through a flowering, you still retained that year, when I took the time to photograph your Mui, and if you still treasured in her heart? Palm flower, shallow bloom, touching the hearts of the lake, with a little sad, a little sweet, a little hope, delightful season, looking forward to the night drunk linger in your heart.

Accustomed to a cup of tea, shallow, inundated with rain in the days, when watching the drizzle stopped when the float, as lazy thoughts, in the chapter Ruoyouruowu can not put pen to paper. Celadon bowl small bowl, put the number of the fate of the depth to be the next? Years tea, the more Hisamitsu Hong, Bodhi keep quiet like time, day give yourself over, and you have been placed in the heart. I used ink stained spring, bloom years to write, write white clouds over the gap, as well as flower yugao, Chapman fence guarding the hospital, thinking of spring, has been in full bloom in my words, and my heart bright with eternal spring.

Rongrong moonlight night, look out the window shadows on the sparse, cherry rain, thinking of you put on a moonlight, cited wind up on the stage. Yuning laugh at the coupons window to see if I would mind thousands of Mexican soup. Sit, just point a curl of light, the cage a pregnant sympathetic love, listen to my endless whisper. Then look at me in a clean heart, fried rain into the tea. Be a mixing chamber of tea, you and I light discretion slow product. You come and go like clouds, like style, do you come from, you do not know where to go. Just tea, drunk silent phase.

Memory of wind, a drop of crystal clear tears, light touch, will penetrate the feelings, such as blue. Many times, just use words to tell Xinyu, moon and stars at night have folded thoughts. Should not met, I was not writing alone would not have a touch of sadness, will not let a heart diem misty rain in innumerable twists and turns? Should, silent companionship, a ride can be beautiful landscape of clear joy, then, needless to say, you can understand the heart of the miss. Hold a calm and safe warm, guarding the heart of a white, light, just a touch of yearning, a touch of appreciation, light bloom ……

Emotion is a death, but after the time, waiting for years pale, precipitation will gradually verdant thoughts in the misty clouds. Frank Lin Chun spent too hastily, much affection withstand the test of time and distance. Who affectionate, swept over the far shore that cold facial features, twist season color, and the light hidden in the bright light of spirituality but between Zen concept. Haruki Murakami said: for people who love each other’s heart is the best house. Yes, guarding the heart, if not speak, it is very good. Xie downtown will eventually go, then the beautiful scenery will change with the seasons and decline, we are just struggling to find his heart Tuotie Find a place where. That’s it!

Morning, big flower big flower sun spilled over the window bier in, the whole body and mind at ease immediately beautiful, after all, is coming in May, and the window is flowers such as Jin, casual roadside trees and give birth to a lot of leaves, many flowers just bloom, a tree a tree, white, purple a tree a tree, although not by the names of those flowers, but will see them moving posture every day. Bright warm season to the memory of human warmth, a ray of gentle affair swaying in the wind, a touch of warmth in a dream as ever miss a poem, flat Zeze between the lines, filled with love and not regret.

Dimei, a few cases on the basin of orchid green and pleasant, the wind from the page of the book, Mr. Zhao and Shen wrote that sentence greets, “I have done many parts of the bridge, read many times of the cloud, drink many types of wine, but only the best loved a proper age people. “I do not know the feeling, the one to the deep. It turned out that good writing is not magnificent works, but in the cloud Kam book, the little joys and sorrows in this world. There are deep-seated Acacia, deeply understand, faint feeling, is the real warm earthly, jasper generally parked in my heart, and if a cotton clothes, caring, warm heart.

Spring further away, the air flowing warm summer. Nostalgia for a season, because the season there may be memories of fragments, there are moving style, there is not erase Qiannian. It is said that the years, the word pencil on white paper, then clean and polished, will leave marks. Just so when I sat in the depths of the spring, hold loneliness in my heart a long warm your name, remember, the night of May flowers, each piece you wrote sentences; remember, when you give me Delicate Hebi ago Each one text.

Not to think about how much you look forward to with sentimental dark eyes hidden inside what? Spring last summer not to ask, who would in your quiet heart lake ripples? Just the touch of decidedly, placed in between the lines Qingwan. I miss and loneliness, there is most true yourself. Because aliexpress coupon of this understanding, I would like to do the same woman lotus, guarding a piece of your heart empty, silent fresh fragrance.

White plum blossoms fall, said: love to the deep, always inevitably ask: “Why should I meet you.” Yes, ah, if not met, I have just a grain of ordinary dust, busy every day for life, lost in the vast crowd. Because of the encounter, everything began to change, with the responsibility and role, with the joy and pain. So sometimes would rather not encounter life rather not shake hands, but if life did not meet, but will be how dull.

And get lost in life, pregnant with sorrow, the same tears, there are drunk. Looking back at me several times, the deep with a real heart. Rye, rain eyes, let my tears freeze your back. I know people, one will sympathize with his heart. I do not know who any of my writing the snow, he finally is indifferent. I believe the time will save all of the warmth and emotion for me.

Accompanied dough wind, the window came the melodious sounds, it seems there is the voice of flowers, as well as songs about spring unknown. Quietly reading a book, then watch the moonlight falls on the windowsill of the basin of orchids, as if the time on the TV. Xinyi and enjoy this bright, stable appropriateness, twist touch of fragrance, if possible, would like you by my side.