Pearl River next night

Today foreign friends come to Guangzhou to see me, I told him the best night to see the Guangzhou Pearl River. After dinner with friends along the small creek has been moving forward at this time, the lanterns, the city has been out of daytime noise Xiao, a bit quiet. Not fifteen minutes to the Pearl River. Then the night has come, the Pearl River lights are lit up, became the world’s coupons marine lights, light. Wow! So beautiful it! Pearl River night reflected on the colorful lights, like a bright crystal palace!

By night, the lights in the Pearl River, is really invites. The antique stone balustrade, a branch of the bright moon light boat, their heads held high. Far looked like stars in the sky, nestled in River. Both sides of the leaves have been mapped spotlights shining green, like a dream of fairyland general. River, decorated boat gently drifted across the water from time to time, from the microwave and swayed with colored lights, in the river to draw a Road dazzling rainbow. Shore visitors, some sightseeing walks, some chat on the stone benches, as well as young men and women riding a tandem bicycle in the crowd happily shuttle.

The river, a seat in colorful bridge across the Pearl River. Look! Some like two fly Phoenix prepared, some like two colorful butterflies, some like a strip of colorful ribbons, some like a colorful rainbow road, some bridge on both sides neatly lined with dolphin “stars”, some bridges dazzling, really beautiful ah! Haiyin bridge is magnificent, as the myth of the giant across the broad Pearl River. Mount Haiyin bridge, and the wide road, a total of six lanes, regardless of day and night, are busy. Deck lined sidewalk. Bridge, car stream, a lamp lights if the dolphin gallop stars.

I came to Guangzhou people know, the Pearl River waters wide, endless. Pearl River water through the control departments, become particularly clean, like a transparent silk. Many people are dedicated to the Pearl appreciate it that clean water and green trees, after some foreign friends to enjoy the beauty of the Pearl finish, are amazed. Cruise on the river by the glittering lights outline the contours. Reflected in the river, sparkling, color spray thrown up. A boat cruise slowly promo moving forward, like a tailor’s the big scissors, cut the Pearl River this horse gorgeous silk. The neon lights decorated the boat, people sipped some tea, some enjoying the breeze blowing, some enjoying Pearl River beautiful night.

I came to Guangzhou people know, row upon row of tall buildings in Guangzhou. Guangzhou CITIC Tower, television tower were built. But most catches the eye, or the Guangzhou Tower! Guangzhou tower was known as the “waistline” is like a beautiful girl with a slender waist. Whenever the rising sun, bathed tower like Sleeping Beauty, she had another name: “waistline.” The night of the Guangzhou Tower is a dancer with Rouman posture, “she” and “costume” color that they please, while the red, while orange, while blue …… while still colorful too! In Guangzhou, he is a noble queen, other buildings are “her” subjects, “they” look forward to the Queen, on the “she” vanquish. Guangzhou Tower is a place of beauty girl, “she” in front of his mirror – according to according to Pearl, never tire.

Guangzhou, this has a historical and cultural city for thousands of years, is a good scenic places, especially the Pearl River aliexpress coupon night, let me Northeast amazing. I watch the first time such a magnificent night, feeling the civilization of modern society, and prosperity!

Pearl River night really memorable ah!