We, do not you run away

(Cause – “Eastern Star” ferry compatriots)

Today, I could feel the rain,

Pain spreading.

Laughter ran aground,

Body, like a drop of hot flame.


Remember yesterday,

Also telephone connection,

Today, no more of your audio,

The tears flooded my heart.


God’s face that they please,

In a flash, the day each side.

We repeated coupons the prayer over and over again,

We are looking forward to a miracle.


Loved ones, we will not let you sleep!

Friend, we can not see you from this!

If you can hear us shouting,

Be sure to adhere to the disaster distraction.


Afraid, you are no longer open eyes,

Afraid, no longer see you smile!

How I wish, news will deceive us,

At the moment, our hearts are closely linked with you!


Yesterday, the distance so close,

Today was so far away,

Only in the moment of life and death,

That suffering, that how can we reduce?


Thousand words,

How to say have to do our miss?

You buried flooded by water in the dark,

But for, God coupon deal can be spared.


Eyes, misty one,

More ChenDian mood.

We are counting down the time,

Eager, you can survive in a disaster.


Perhaps, the world there is a wave,

Students from both, but also by death,

Just hope, you,

Never, and we said good-bye!


We do not look at you go away!

We do not wind and no chord song!

We do not have a sad life curve!

Disaster, please get coupon stop acting!

Tragedy, you quickly end!