Maternal love deeply, love lily

In May, the sun warm, it is the season of flowers, the air was filled with the faint aroma of flowers.

In this light summer Enchanting, there is a flower, not amazing, even humble, but natural, fresh, simple and friendly, it is the lily flower, also known as Nepenthe.

A mother’s love, as gentle lily flower, exudes elegant fragrance, if you carefully read the product, it will deeply drunk, he’s moving better than roses, peonies not as bright, it so gently, the dough immersed in the heart of the Philippines, both opened coupon deal in any place, full of as much as possible, even scattered into the mud, also quadrangle.

“Hemerocallis Tong bands, wandering line the horizon; mother accordance break and see lily flower,” “Mother in the hands of line, wandering clothing, leaving sew, meaning fear of delay in return, Who made the inch of grass, reported in the apartments . “These are the Tang Dynasty poet Meng Jiao pen description maternal lines through the ages, whenever read these verses about his mother, my heart will be surrounded by a deep sense of warmth.

Maternal love deep, deep dash! Each of us is under the care of his mother grew up, we grow, with his mother’s expectations, our luggage was filled with his mother warned him, behind us, it is the mother of a deep sense of care.

Young, my mother is our patron saint, from waking up every time, will see the mother gentle eyes; every fall, will get his mother’s arm, winter, mother is a small stove, feels, warm ; summer, the mother is a shade for our sunshade; fall, the mother is the moon, swayed our bedside white moon; in the spring, the mother is the warm sun, give us strength, let us strong.

Remember? When we are ill, the mother lodge overnight bed lights; remember? The first time away from home, in the light of our mother to pack; remember? That parting of the platform, mother’s look in the eyes and full of sadness.

You will remember, because it bit by bit we have experienced, because of the mother’s love for the children of the world are the same.

Mother we do is small, but bit by bit into a river confluence, inch by inch, to unite her mother’s mind and love, maternal love for his mother and never asking for anything, we can not return.

“There are one of the most coupon code beautiful voice, and that is the call of the mother,” Whatever far apart, the mother’s call, always give our family love, where there is motherly, is warm, the mother’s place , that is home.

Motherhood is staring, silently watching, it can not describe, but you can feel the heart; maternal love is the power, she uses her love, inspired me sleeping dreams and fight, let me fly, maternal love can penetrate the haze, illuminate The road ahead, mother’s warm eyes and fortitude, through the years of the site, guide the footsteps of my previous trip.

A long time, the mother wanted to write a text, you can always affectionate penup, nowhere to put pen to paper, perhaps too heavy maternal love, maternal love is perhaps too ordinary, ordinary life to have and blending, so you can not see, touch less, he has been in life croon.

The real beauty of this world, not whether gorgeous, always plain, was more popular, the mother wrote the song, without euphemism sounds, will be able to resonate, for the mother to write the text, will be simple and gentle, but it can between warm heart.

“There is only a good mother, a mother of a child like a treasure, dropped into her mother’s arms, happy Colour” Whenever I think of this song, he will appear in front of my mother’s childhood holding big hands, jumping in the sun bouncing jumping good time.

Mother streams, inclusive my selfish; maternal love is selfless sacrifice for us all, mother, perhaps originally timid weak, but for children, any mother would be brave Motherhood is a repeat live up to, no landing sound, the water no trace, and was let down people, but never regrets.

Our lives are to mothers Sony ,, but forget this sacrifice of his life’s love, need love, also young, one day grow old.

Liuniansishui, no one could stop his retreating footsteps, unconsciously, the mother’s head is already full of white hair, the mother’s face has been engraved under the wrinkle, that years of deep and shallow imprint Yeah, Children do not want to touch the hearts of injuries.

Once in the book to see such a story: once every mother is a beautiful fairy with a beautiful dress, when they decided to do a child’s mother, care of a life time, will fade frock become an ordinary woman, black and white, for a lifetime.

I know that every mother have been such a transformation, even if the face is no longer beautiful, even if the body no longer slim, even though weathered the years HUAFA dip, for their children, they never say sorry.

My dear mother, I use what kind of language to express your love for me, what kind of feelings in order to express my gratitude to you? Mother’s love, our life moved forget, maternal love is grace!

There kneeling sheep milk grace, there is nurturing the meaning crow, if one day the old mother when she hobbled when the white-haired, you can take a walk, holding her hand, like a child she escorted us to learn walk the same; if one day, her trembling hands already Nabu Wen cups, if you can gently wipe their water spilled, smiled, said she say it does not matter, just as he had as we ……

I have heard very sad word, the so-called mother of a son, but means that we in this life constantly watched children back lopsided.

Then the mother festival this day, let us stop and hurried footsteps, go home to his mother a hug; let us busy, the call to his mother, and do not forget, in the dull days, his mother and some promo warm Surprise, in fact, when our mother would say, I do have, I’m fine, you busy bar ……

Filial son wants his parents wait, Thanksgiving need in the moment, willing to cherish all the world’s children!

May flowers, rendering the beauty of this season, how much affection, lingering fragrance of years, belonging to the mother in this festival, let us send a strain Nepenthe heart for mothers, to our mother, Music and worry-free, happy and healthy!