I can not love you, I care homes you live

“Step a smile, a sad step, a step catastrophe, turned into moths, because love you, I would not be me, let all the wind scattered, not not say that I can not say, embracing the commitment do not blame me weak, you can not love me, I care homes you live, because love you, I just became my total you sunk. “” spend one thousand bone “theme song” can not say. ” She listens to, I do not know why, a good cry, “can not you love me, I care homes you live,” listening, aching, you shed all whom live, can live for me, whether fall into the whirlpool of love, turned into moths, from a total of sinking?

Like “spend one thousand bone” second TV series, watched their trailers, scenes, a sentence, repressed suffocating, do not know when, in tears, the sentence: “I do not believe the positive, do not believe in evil, but I believe you. “helpless eyes, looked at child painting, a scene that does not know the sprite, why not moving? But read, the sprite coupons remaining 64 ecstasy nails, nail on himself, when a small bone to inherit, I do not know why, would burst into tears …… “not you love me, I care homes you live.”

“I can not say, embracing the promise, do not blame me weak, you can not love me, I care homes you live, because love you, I just became my total you sunk.” Watched the sprite, repressed love, racked up a small bone, but also tormented himself, a small bone is gone, only lose, “a small bone, with the master home”, “I live a long stay and live six circles, live world, but after all, she still negative Negative myself. “After all, losing only to understand, unfeeling temple with her laughter, smiles, everything is branded in my heart, looking like madness for 30 years, so the cost back to the small bones, small bones do not know, whether forgive him? Love each other, but hurting, let love be moved heaven and earth, I do not know whether the mercy of their day, so lovers to get married?

A “spend one thousand bone,” I do not know how to move the heart, daydreams dancing, into the heart, wanted to pick up a pen to write, not enough to worry pen, write the play’s classic, hesitant few days, how I think or write, a lot of emotions, from the sudden surge, the phrase, “you can not love me, I care homes you live,” deeply touched me, unconsciously, has wrote “can not say,” This The lyrics, playing over and over again, over and over again to make waves, undulating thousands, if turned into moths, and you dance and rivers, whether forget myself I only have eyes for you.

See the world, how many amazon coupons people infatuation, incense floating things dyeing bustling and lonely; mistook clouds for the end of time, how a situation can not tolerate you and me? Abandon away, leaving a lonely people waiting; Easy cold fireworks, dust filled the years, can not see life, who can not read and aerial; means a place of melancholy, with a paper fragments, spectrum a Fine, lingering dream you, will, give up everything for love live? Even powder themselves, nor miss?

I can not love you, I care homes you live, you can hold flowers, and open and pity, and I; and round and pity, and you the moon; expectations allowed under Sansei riverside, Ju Yipeng fragrance, gently in embracing the water Mae, Dangqi Yi Lian, let the memory of stems, full of blossoming peach; surplus of youth bright, so warm dense heart between mildly encounter years; tenderness watery, subtle fragrance floating, Xiangxi each other, incense commitments; love is the wind, the heart of the cloud, you open the door with the line, the situation I pyrotechnics; I love long, in the years spring back at fly together, Qin Xiao roar, and you and me.

Obviously it is wrong, or the same mistake again, for the love of dedication, even if the moths; hurt you, hurt me, love on a word, no matter Takahashi; one thought in mind, I wasted; worthy of that autumn, trees, cold wind snow, do Dan ink in your heart, dance and rivers; bustling solitude together, watch each other, Nianhua smile, let fate seated; you are the home of mountain water, time in a pear tree, and you Chaomu see Ewha flying than snow; a few world of reincarnation, just waiting for a glimpse of you look back; how much wind and rain, how much suffering, love you, will lose self; even if you can not love me, for you into the magic, I care homes you live !

Ting Feng Yin, watching the rain falls, around you, like a Chunhuaqiuyue; together with you in winter to spring, wander Sansei River, ferry support love; even brilliant fireworks, fireworks short, and for this clank and over a day year wait flow time off; even wrong, hopeless swirl, guarding the ever persistent, sink together; have you accompany, more wasted, laugh it off; a commitment, a dedication read, can not you love me, beyond redemption into the magic, for you, willing to shed everything, codes coupons protect you live!

“I can not say, embracing the promise, do not blame me weak, you can not love me, I care homes you live, because love you, I just became my total you sunk.”