I wish you successful college entrance examination

“If the orchid, to accompany me to see basketball, okay?” Girlfriends Su Juan bitter and prayed.

“Not good.” Georland very direct answer, but still be strong Su Juan dragged to the basketball court.

“You’d talk about, why are you so willing to watch basketball?” Orchid road made a sentence complaints.

“You really I watch basketball, ah, I see a guy a maple” Su Juan’s face a look of satisfaction.

“Anthomaniac relapsed, is not it.” Orchid somewhat sarcastically.

“You have a drug ah.” Su Juan smiled and replied, Yuehua Jian, he went to the basketball court.

“One maple refueling, a maple I love you.” Under the basketball court with a group of school girl crazy shouting.

Orchids are Sujuan pulling, to the front of the crowds, but still not near a half step.

Orchids looked Su Juan tiptoe, hop hop look carefully watching, so she could not help but want to laugh.

Su Juan occasionally hear the roar of the beast in general, Georland chose casual walk around the sidelines.

With the referee’s whistle, game over.

Under field cheerleaders coupons shouting, scrambled toward the stadium, there is bottled water, has sent towels.

Silhouette shaking, the orchid could not help but secretly looked at the man who called a maple.

Board-inch, thick eyebrows, big eyes, high nose, the first impression a maple Georland entry is completed.

Two said animal in nature is a disease, apparently Su Juan has been ill.

“Su Juan in court and others to play up.” Someone shouted in the classroom.

Orchids crazy rushed out and saw Su Juan disheveled hair on the pitch, mouth oozing blood, another girl was crying, clutching his stomach.

A maple stand in the middle of two girls, reconciliation of this event.

The original Su Juan Wang Qianmian crowded position to watch, stop being a cheerleader, altercation, fight.

Su Juan was the winner, became the captain of the cheerleaders, and finally, unlike previously available only on tiptoe to watch in the back off the crowd.

Su Juan said that every time the transformation is painful, because each must be accompanied by the growth of the war.

Su Juan and a maple exposure time has gradually increased.

Every time a maple in the Basketball Hall of training, Su Juan will be looked on. Holding water and a towel, ready in a maple handed to the rest of the time.

Every time a maple playing time, Su Juan will take a lot of people cheer together, but just let us shout again, “a maple I love you” slogan.

Of course, Su Juan has not forgotten and the orchid to share with a maple progress.

Three no one would think the disease is contagious, including the orchid account.

The first impression of a maple to Orchids are growing along with the introduction of Su Juan, deepened.

White, wisdom, broad shoulders, and masculinity in oral Su Juan is the orchid to crawl in first impressions.

Orchids, gradually began more than learning, it will look at some magazine about basketball, live events.

Occasionally, Su Juan led codes coupons the cheerleaders will join in together for a maple cry refueling.

Orchids eyes were fixed on a maple eyes to see.

Orchids think she likes people, should have the power to melt their eyes.

But, the eyes have been not look in that direction if the orchid, but arouse curiosity Georland.

Orchids will intentionally or unintentionally, in Su Juan has mentioned the topic of a maple, waiting Su Juan endless narrative.

In this way, the orchid and Su Juan came closer.

Su Juan to the orchid that you as a witness between me and a maple bar.

Orchids and smiled, but not speak.

Four Sujuan say, love a person would do something for him

Su Juan will leave early every day to night classes, going to do even if the orchid did not tell.

Su Juan courses fall a lot, therefore, ask the teacher Su Juan’s parents come to the office to discuss performance issues.

Su Juan indifference, because she did not listen to the words of the man in front.

Later, the teacher see there is a conflict between father and daughter, there is no more to say, hastily confessed some say amazon coupons there are lessons to excuse away.

“Do not you tube.” Su Juan side, while into the classroom.

Su Juan’s father looked Su Juan cheeky patient seated, was assured of walked away.

But this time, even if the orchid found Su Juan’s father and mother is the cast off his Fuxin Han.

Orchids heart suddenly sprouted an idea.

Suddenly, it is already time for spring, the campus has a flower garden behind the school caused a sensation.

Flower garden was transformed, in this season of flowers and buds, vague display several WordArt: YF, I love you.

Orchids know, it must be Su Juan in night classes when dry.

Fifty-one Feng’s eyes, only one antidote anthomaniac

Orchids basketball begins to approach the topic of a maple.

Obviously Georland appeared to feel a maple each other more understanding, more minds.

Su Juan kept in the dark, still, as always, with the orchid to the basketball court to a maple refueling.

Unfortunately, a maple eyes have been foreseen in the orchid’s body.

Su Juan and a maple brawl occurred in the college entrance examination in the upcoming wave came.

“Do not haunt me.” A maple unfeeling said.

“Where I’m good, I changed,” Su Juan pulled one will be turned away of a maple.

“I do not like you.” A maple Shuaixia word, but also throw off the face with tears of Su Juan.

Orchids while comforting the Su Juan, on one side and a maple contact with.

Orchids and self-serving to say a word: Su Juan and did not become a witness of love maple, fell into a third party.

I wish you a successful six college entrance examination

Su Juan, and later transferred, and go for a long time holding orchid cry.

Su Juan said of the orchid, you’ll always be my girlfriends.

After Su Juan Georland away, the beginning and a maple exchanges, and hand in love at that advocated “pre-college entrance love” slogan.

Orchids in a maple college entrance examination countdown time, Georland dropped out.

A maple mailbox, receive Georland e-mail:

Orchid, I love you, not because of love.

Orchids and say, I wish you a smooth entrance examination.