Married memories, live out the future

Today is June 29, 2015, the breeze, sunny. This summer, after all, can not escape the rain of baptism, consistently hot, people are not perceived to irritability.

Write in the opening words.

So far I do not know how many have written about the time or the memories of the article, I am a nostalgic person, treat past things and people I can only use this feeble to sentence codes coupons them again a doubled piece past, when implement own heart miss something!

The wide world than their own imagination, but can not find a suitable own way, we find the more understanding between people of diverse ways, may walk into the heart of the talks about little, when we find ourselves Dao Leer envy age, did not become envious of the kind of person a child, has become the man they hate the way.

Go all the way forward, there have been confused, there have been setbacks wall, fall, bear, then get up and lee continue to move forward, a lot of the time, those sudden loneliness deeply enveloped my world, friends and contacts increasingly the less I feel that they are alone, they could not find any breakthrough to save himself.

This time I started trying to write, began to learn to read some positive books, reading and the time in which to write, I slowly realized that the world has met all of its meaning, it is because the way to lose too much, just will cherish income now, I no longer worry about the outcome, not vexatious, met some people there is always time to say farewell, perhaps you met this sense, it is because of this man appeared, only now you.

People who know me know that I am very dependent on the music, as long as there is free time will be put on the headphones, the reason I so love the music, because I can hear myself, I can clearly feel that they are not alone.

The world is too noisy, need to listen to ourselves, many times we face the pressure of defeat of life, life, and I began to doubt myself, starting with the standards of others to judge themselves, I want to say is that you are you, do not put yourself too as others look like, listen to your voice, what you need is a breakthrough and perseverance.

No matter what way you crying last night, wake up the city is still busy. Others will never know how good you are, do not complain, do not be sad, do not worry, the next waiting for you, not because of the current a little goes wrong, incidentally, you lose the future.

As for what the future holds, should be forced to go to know, do not just talk about life, only action can relieve all anxiety.

For those who have loved best treatment, not pretending to forget, but to then learn to quality and retained zeer their favorite things, better to face life, or those who encounter meaningless. In fact, there is, indeed, well, sometimes, and so nothing terrible, God keep you waiting, is to make the right choice for you to do more, experience more appropriate.

Once lived in the heart of the story, put it goodbye today, one day you will have those who stayed in your heart and leave you people could not get a trace of hatred.

I have the honor to this article, to give those displaced living in you, you are not a person in the bitter force, those helpless sadness will eventually prescribe the most brilliant flowers, I recall the words to marry and live with you future better myself!