Stay away from a ride landscape

Thoughts like sea, beating heart surging, waiting like a horizon of months, with patience between Profit and Loss. Flowers groan, hear the birds. Red beans to title a season, but also to you! There is a bitter sugar to meet, among whisper, full of love! If you are around at the moment to do a water lily and secure guarding a dream, struck a fire in your eyes, fishing romance Elixir of Love. Wind woke exquisite ear, the already dim midnight, you and lamps become dawn landscape! Dear, good morning!

———— Inscription

At dawn, he opened the eyes of Xing Xing, can not remember how long did not sleep easy, words those worried about messy chord. Sunny day in May, I forgot to accept your gentle, warm and windy coupons stole miserly. A mark warmed seated at your fingertips, setting off the fire, since so clever that can give you a fulcrum. In fact, the fall, and if he did not get back up again desires, all that outside intervention is futile. As I have experienced yesterday, but you were a tree, destined can control the situation. Spring will be you Yuet chant, brought me a sugar sweet, it depends also need to learn and you let it all naturally, become my future habits. You see, the sky is blue, it is nirvana heart lake sky blue sea, after the ashes.

“Stay away from one-way landscape”, so that the days of lazy idle drifting eyes, can not predict tomorrow, try to make the garden of the soul kiss in the spring. Breeze fence small courtyard, a tea, a song, a man accompanied by free, is the years of quiet good and sweet. When you can hear the voice of flowers, it is a natural blend between heaven and earth. Vegetation solid color, as shown signs of life is not difficult. Like to listen to Buddha Zen, it seems years ago I also had the Heart of practice, once the palm of a Buddha white water lily. Zen Drum sound of distant, let the heart infatuated with three thousand bustling removed out of danger mounted cool enough. After the sails had to do, seeking nothing but a rice porridge with a person, I gently took the bowl, your eyes are full of security already warm.

Walking in the spring of tail, too late to finish in a hurry will be farewell, leaving the original season is also a pain, it seems that with these words can describe the appropriateness: “This situation no account can be removed only under the brow and the heart.” No pick one color comfort eyes, do not own a bunch of pink feminine mood, I still quiet, such as tea, holding incense sticks on old, grown up with their empty souls. Give me a warm cup of coffee, in addition to this I have no other hobbies, yes, it seems that the pain slowly began to like it. Bitter aroma will do, really! Fear of hardship before things actually turn of now, I do not know this is good or bad changes. If the song sounded at the moment there is nowhere resettled mood, please take it away for me, even sadness, even tears are most afraid of is this: do not move ahead in three thousand wind, half-frame poisoned heart hurt.

Afraid that they will no consciousness, block all the scenery, and then buried alive is not much time remaining. I love less afterlife, wait a purgatory of torture in general, but I did not care, casual walking on the road, a mood, liberating, and then looked at the front to chase a dream of his own. A process enough food for thought, why do we care whether to join hands in past lives.

Early the next morning, the yard more than a trace of green, verdant Shashi Hou who do not know a bud, the original has been fleeting chaos Bliss, just so casual, it is finished, ignoring the scenery, wasteful mood. Hey! I am still me, just infatuated with a tangle of vines, can fruition, is no longer important to me, the dream is gentle relaxing sunny. How life in Lazi, without thinking, God will not owe my life. Life is a display of fireworks, I do not want to plead, if Kam book difficult to care, and that we must remember: he had loved, excluding Loss and Gain ……

Erase those who should not have amazon coupons to tangle, walking in the season it lightly armed, if the heart is tired, sleep under. Tomorrow clutched in the palm of others, doomed to happiness, if life in accordance with routine the cards, look no climax and downs, all I Chang’an is also an incomplete. Life is experiencing the challenges and tribulations, his own soul carved, natural jade, crystal clear, is certain gold Ebb Tide. If you write your own life, we do not necessarily draw a complete picture, as long as the heart, but do not discredit it worthy of the world.

When playing chess with himself, it is the most cruel, not fit, not reluctant, unable to let go of the past, the future can not open. But no one would have been in place, the tree still while the wind blows, this is life. You and other people do not wait for you, so you people are gone, the most painful insight, it is called to be missed. Pour a discretionary one between the other side is on this side, if you could get not put, you say please forgive me, love is not compensation, life is not waiting for dawn, it is the desire to move on heels. Memories is a bundle to have a codes coupons degree to know relieved to know forgotten. I never expect what will happen tomorrow, have a good day is the most resounding clang. There have been confused, anxious had, had a desire to give up, you can still find strength in the rebirth of the trek, and now is the Gobi Desert Eagle, will not be defeated soul in full bloom. The biggest race of life is to overcome their own, rainbow after the rain is to build a brave, if heart strong, tempered into a steel.