Apprehension emotions, fleeting shadow ink

With a simple mind, to see the world, accumulation, precipitation, step by step, experience, perception, indifferent mature.

——— Inscription

The morning sun, set foot on the faint trail through the thick row of trees, shed a golden, wind, in the sun, croon, leaves swaying in the wind intoxicating posture, mood this season with lush , throbbing, flying, strands of flowers, filled in the wind.

Momo want you to get used to this time. Time in the water, who will miss painted a pale ink, the ink in the years fall into the depths of the time, leaving a channel shades of traces. The codes coupons cozy warmth of the past, lonely heart. Sometimes I think that people’s hearts far wide as possible and the sky, as boundless as the sea ,,,

You know that we are already drifting away, or do not want to admit this strange distance, we can give up all the stories, time flies, polished everything in the past, fear of the Miao far from alone. So I suddenly lost his memory like a child, with his pen to copy our story. Your shadow in front lightly, your faces and voices engraved in my heart.

Starry Night jealously guarding a time long, Qiong Qiong Jie Li, Xingyingxiangdiao, the dark you clear as yesterday, your gentle a step closer, where I stared helplessly stupid, painful melancholy and fear the world submerged. Blossoms and fall, Mindful, wet eyes, heart dance with the clouds a robe, you blur into the heart of the rain, life is very short, and you made me miss the constant ancient.

This morning, I still hovering miss the ferry, see the wind cloud holding hands walking let me exceedingly envious.

Love is gone, but I still will not be free and easy to learn. Spend a lifetime with you for a long-cherished wish, I would rather endure the lonely and alone. He gave Half a displacement, but miss wear shackles.

Some people say that true love, is open in the dust of flowers, bailing escape.

I know, even if I forget the whole world will remember you. I would like to know, do you really care about me? Desperate eyes, blurred eyes, you all are filled in the cloud of smoke. Weak 3000, just take a spoonful drink, the original oath, is toxic lingering. After the storms, more than half now only shadows on the wall, haggard loss Su’e.

Crossing the Red, wear Reeds, the enemy not to go, such as autumn leaves. Full of melancholy, from a loss, how to find a time that the old, to make wasted. Amidst this world, you and me drunk, I hurt you, hard look back, and hate not meet, is worried, had similar deed spend, no road parting, or NanKe, ending embarrassment, love to go, CJ wind. Feeling weak, eyes blurred, but a dream shadow scenery, back bonds of love has terraced rice paddies.

See your day, I like the sky coupons geese, tirelessly all day to fulfill our promise under oath in flight, I love Kam, woven into a cloud, drifting your windowsill, you do not have seen. I If that was a goose, then I flew over the place, we must leave enough too hot to miss, even if you are gone, my feelings, still Po flash in my wings, as well as singing in the blue the world, in the clouds.

Alternating day and night, thinking so, clear in the past, vague you taught me how to retain that part still obsessed? We are beginning to silence, that we do not understand each other, once that you are the original village I miss. Because I love you, I forget myself, if the distance to guide me to find you, close to you, far, far, far more, so far away, let the heart of how the guidelines, time flying, I remember you deep, but forget themselves. Gradual growth of vegetation, winter to spring the re-start, climb up my sad face, swallow ordered my soul, an obsession of any course insist, stick to the earth, love to open into a beautiful lily.

In the city of Chan mortal world, the number of people who love, not from the beginning of the vigorous, to the humble end. If you really do not love, then let her go, let go is the best choice perhaps another, chose to leave, would not have to go back, because back then how? Broken mirror is always difficult round. Lost love, just as a broken line kite.

Line has been in your hands, that I just kite flying at high altitude, no matter how high to fly, my love, they are all in your palm, but you completely ripped the hands of line, broken Our love and thought, our love began to sway in the wind.

Experienced a storm of life, will precipitate more mature, deeper emotional injury, will be strong and calm, understand that some people, some cases will not Yichen unchanged, as you leave, let me know how fate has start, also have an end. Chi fleeting gap, the ink film clothing coupons with emotion, a feeling slowly fades in the text, bearish, no longer allow indulgence obsession.