And his wife divorce after 30 days of living together, the goodwill of people

“Cherish” and this could not be simpler truth, is after my divorce 30 genius to comprehend.

It does not go a day, divorce, for us, is the most sensible choice, anyway, he did not drag a child. I say the word divorce after the third day, we went to the streets to do this thing.

She was my classmate, we love to talk about three years, but after three years together. Just have a question, after a divorce before she did not find a new home, we also maintained together.

Think for yourself feel funny, love, we especially pure, although more than just holding hands hugging each codes coupons other, but live together something like this, are they dared not tried. But now divorced, a trip back in time Bedroom fashion house, two couples of men and women no longer live together, especially awkward.

Divorce, touching love

The first night, I took a bedding shop on the sofa.

The first night, slept really comfortable! No one in the ear nagging night, really beautiful! But, if our family is Busha like the sofa, the wooden sofa so I woke up in the morning, neck blinded.

To the bathroom door, she heard the sound of water which has crashed. This bitch, do not know when bad habit, bathe before going to sleep at night, even the morning after bathing. Well anyway, it has also been used. I pulled the sliding door on the inside. I just lifted the toilet easy to prepare, did not think she was “wow” a cry again. Early in the morning, you will not go to hell, ah, what is it called? I am scared to have hold back the urine. “You have not seen me in the shower? You are not a man ah? A man in a woman taking a shower when coming in to relieve themselves of it?” She opened the shower curtain, a hand with a towel wrapped body, a finger on my nose He began to rebuke.

“What is your name called ah? Not also across the shower curtain between us it? I can see what you ah? Not the first time you take a bath when I came in to relieve themselves, as so exaggerated it? Besides, to you that body, I have seen three years, close your eyes and know what it was like, I’m peeping worth it? ”

“You ……” her speechless with rage. Wrapped in towels and ran out of the bathroom, he heard the bedroom door “bang”.

Vixen! To you this bad temper, who would dare to look after you!

Solution hand finished, I went to the bedroom, I go to work today to wear clothes still hanging in the cupboard too. This dead woman, even to the bedroom door locked. I knocked on the door a long time, which finally retorted, I wear clothes!

Well, anyway, divorced, so let her.

Half an hour later she was out, but added dressed Vermilion Fubai. Unfortunately, she went out temporary stared at me severely, destroyed her image. Because this half-hour late for the first time I go to work.

After work, I casually strolled to spend time on the streets, though boring, but the face is better than to see her. So stay until nine o’clock, I ate a bowl of noodles in the corner, go home.

I enter the house, even her old sitting in the living room. See me come in, with a smile on his face even further. I hesitate to sit down in front of her, God! She even gave me a cup of tea.

She gourd sell drugs? I think of one word: idiom.

“Today we, I carefully thought for a moment, we are now not husband and wife, though I now take your house for a month, but I think this month in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and misunderstanding, we pledge better . “Then, she gently picked up the piece of paper in front of me shook

“You see, if no opinion, then sign a word, let a person a.”

I picked up the paper and looked.

Article: use the toilet at one time, the other party may not use any excuse to enter;

The second party shall coupons not in any excuse touching each other’s bodies;


I counted, size yet there twenty-six much.

“No comments, then please sign.” She is not even a pen ready.

I wanted to punch her angry, but did not need to think about. Anyway, at most one month, Ren Ren also passed. I looked at her coldly, picked up the pen to play under my name.

“Yes, as you sign the return, during our life together, I still continue to cook for you.”

With this treaty, this day may really at home. Just started a few days, I feel bound to do anything with. And I still continue to look for a place to eat out swinging. Well, that cook for me to eat, I’ll Thanksgiving? US Go you! I do not eat your food a month to see if I will not starve to death! Well, then say so, but each time swinging smell other people’s food incense, and my heart is still very envious.

One week no problem.

One day I door, she just ready to go out.

“Out?” I asked casually filled with sound, in fact, I do not like her to go out so late also sprayed perfume. “Yes ah, Ah Ling introduce a friend to say tonight I know. You look at the clothes I bought today, pretty good, right?” She stood before the mirror, closer inspection of their own.

“Yes ah, is a good catch Shamao the most suitable.” Heard a fool I did not say a good word.

“You!” Her face began to emerge dislike my face up. But instead she hypocritically shallow smiling.

“Yes ah, anyway, I’m single, and even fishing Shamao, I also have this right ah, there will always cherish my people that appear. You Laotaibuxiao, should also think about their own happiness.” Her angry stare at me.

“I wish you tonight to hang a big fool! If people give you a house, you can borrow for two days.” “Yo, how to speak so acid ah? You will not see me out jealous, right?” She haha He laughed.

“Come on let’s go, do not stop it hinder my eyes!” I readily gave her pull the door open. She squinted at me, and went out. Out of time, but also to me “Well,” a bit. I “bang” to shut the door.

No unsightly people, I began to chat online to find his sister. The day before yesterday I bought a match Seay cover Adams, that stuff specifically prevent screen monitor, keyboard and mouse record, preventing chats are peeping, with more peace of mind that stuff. Internet access is finally no one tube, huh, huh. But my heart how so tired of it? Do I really jealous yet? Haha, I began to laugh at myself, how such a dream? But I offered to divorce ah!

After about two hours, she came back. And, before I walked in, I saw her face poor. She directly back to the bedroom to sleep, not even wash bath did not come out.

She came back in a bad mood, I actually feel good. Hey, you deserve to go out, I sleep Le Diandian down.

Middle of the night, I was awakened her scream. Just about to look at what happens, to see her pajamas, she rushed out to jump around my neck shivering on the couch. “How?” I patted her on the back asked. “Cockroaches ……” She said the word I understand. Although this woman I’m aggressive, but innate fear of small animals, what cockroaches, rats, cats, dogs, etc., occur once every half a day she screamed, causing me discounts to have a puppy back to Yang Yang Xianglong not a.

“Good, do not be afraid.” I comforted her, as usual, went into the room to eliminate her. The room could find for a long time, did not find the shadow of cockroaches, had come back.

I sit on the couch, her arm around my neck in turn. “Kill it?” Her face was scare tears, but at night under dim light, there Lihua rain Spray of Spring feeling. “Well, I was killed. Do not worry, you go back to sleep, tomorrow we have to go to work.” I lied to her. Because I know I do not say that it does not kill but to find it, she will certainly be forced to find it. So I feel it can be considered not expect to sleep. “I’m afraid, I do not go back to sleep.”

“You forget that we divorced. And, you also destroy the article in our pledge. Your first contact with my body.” I’m cold tone, Well, tell you to go out at night to catch a fool, I remembered seeing cockroaches . She heard my words, Dailiaoyixia, biting his lips and said “I’m sorry”, the back of the room. Is “bang” slamming door slamming.

I sat for a long while, suddenly give yourself a big mouth.

I slept on the couch, but a little sleepy at all. Vaguely, the room came the sound of her crying. To go or not to go? I was a little hesitant, I gave myself a big mouth, a man on the go!

I opened the door of the room and saw her lying on the yard crying. I sat down beside the bed, pulled the quilt, quietly asked her how she was? To be honest, I saw her face with tears, my heart is really good feel bad.

“What do you come in? We’re not divorced yet? I do not care for you to care about me! Give me out, out!” She cried hysterically at me, picked up the pillow hit me. “I’m sorry, I just said something wrong, forgive me?” I do not care what she is because in the end, I still insist to hold her in his arms and gently kissed the tears on her face. She is no longer for me roar, and force holding my neck and began to cry endlessly.

Finally, she was crying while saying nothing and not happy because tonight. It turned out that one of her sisters to break A bell that introduced her to Taiwan turned out to be an old man, did not take long to begin to sit down and hands and feet. A bell actually also advised her, anyway, you are divorced people, will the old man with the calculations. “I am divorced, is not a length shorter than the others? Why do we want a divorce?” She cried and asked me, while pinched my neck.

I could not answer her question, because I do not know the answer. Although her neck was pinch hurts, but it pinch to pinch, pinch die anyway, I, live together in the future, I want to pinch her no chance

Finally we were tired, and fell asleep each other.

Awoke, the sun has come out. I was still holding her, she still around my neck.

I did not dare move, afraid that they scared her dream, it seems to have many years no such feeling. Two people together for more time, no more early morning wake up feeling. Think of the old days, we almost always wake up in a hurry, while complaining about each other to each other, while her things rush to work. Between us, why we would come this far? In the end because of what?

She also woke up.

After waking up, she suddenly realized what, let go of the hand holding my neck, his face a hint of shyness, “Morning!” I hurried to release hold her hand and quickly get out of bed.

“Last night ……”

“Nothing last night, get up to wash it, or late for work.”

With that night, I feel our relationship has undergone a subtle change. After work, I saw the roadside selling Begonia pudding, and remembered that this is her home

Township specialty, readily bought a point. Just after buying, I do not know that he is now back home, or the like before swinging spend their time.

“Sir, ah, this thing is the best time to eat fresh, long time, not delicious.” When the money and, hawkers specially take care of me.

I bite the bullet and returned home, she was cooking.

“Ah …… ah, I bought you a Begonia pudding. Commuting time, just to see.” I looked in the kitchen busy explaining she hesitated.

She happily came out, picked up a piece to eat up. “Go wash your hands of it, the food is good.”

Faced with food on the table, my heart sour.

Count the days, I have been bread out of twenty days. Her cooking, really sweet.

“Come on.”

I picked up the dishes.