In the eyes of others, how many of their own

When we use the hammer beating drums, other people think you are a wild pie. When you use strong words to fight for their own interests, people think you’re an egoist. Otherwise, we only survive but to provoke their own thoughts. Complex environment, complex social relationships, complex crowd, you and I are independents. Do it yourself might be irresponsible remarks, and you are to do your own original it?

How many in the eyes of codes coupons others of their own? People across the belly, I do not know it. We have done everything that is right, is not afraid of other people’s words hit themselves; is wrong, then you have to bear the Zhou’s words whipped. For a living, we play many roles in society. Elementary, we are ignorant teenagers; school, we are ignorant youth; school, we are struggling youth; now University, we have only a single confused youth. See secular form, we can give the same eye perspective.

Small perspective, society, the leadership before, we all need to respect, it was cold to look into others; school, we just want to exercise in front of the teacher training themselves, express express themselves, was loaded to force others to look into. This community like this, you are too cowardly to whom, they say that you say you had it. At the same time, hello you bad, you good or naughty, you installed or not installed ………………, have rhetoric to describe you. Installed over the become hypocritical, excessive modesty has become hypocritical. Do it yourself, but that is what you want to, do. Go its own way, whatever others may say!

There was a time, someone asked me: “Are you engaged in writing, can not get anything, what’s the use ah might as well go play, and see the world?”, I said “I love no reason, and without remuneration Do you have me so interested?. ” They can not tell, look! Even if you are on a toilet, and people may say. I was feeling it a little knowledge can be considered two, there is often the opposite sex to my message, give me zaful coupons a call to talk QQ, he said some of his heart thing. Gradually, heterosexual friends think I’m really a feeling person, however, I am not confident that he, and why? Others seem to understand I was so in love, but then their love stupid silly. Said is also very funny, no matter how the eyes of others I am a man, do what you like.

Life, born; live. In the eyes of others, no matter how many of their own, themselves do not live in someone else’s words, lying in someone else’s mouth. We are a new generation, when ideas are not feudal. Others say just passing lights, is thought to reflect the rosewhosale coupons ladder.

There is a saying: “Look people unhappy, and their training is not enough.” It seems that not many people to such a state of repair it!