Sorry, I Love You!

That year, he was seventeen years old, she was sixteen. They are in the same school, same class in school.

The boy is in the class of small fry, live idle all day. Girls are in the class to learn the molecular, earned good grades, test always among the top five. Boy handsome gas, although learning is not good, but very smart. The girl was cute, popular, very popular in the class like it.

They are friends, the boys are in love with the girl, he did not understand what it feels himself to the girl, just imagine inexplicable girl, obviously just seen, but can not stop longing; often unprovoked login QQ, QQ girl looked gloomy picture, press the “Exit”; start watching the girl did not dare speak to her or do not know what to say;

Girl upset, he will be codes coupons sad; girl happy, he will happy. Perhaps the girl he has fallen in love it ……

Girl found the boy unusual move, but she did not know what the boy was thinking that this would hurt the boy home, and over time will improve it ……

Over time, the boys feel more in love with the girl, the class could not help but turned around to see the girl, it seems to have become accustomed to life. Girls still do not understand, when often asked the boy, the boy only looked at the distant landscape, eyes flash of frustration, heart meditation countless times, “I love you” Unfortunately, girls can not hear.

That evening, the boy and a classmate friend when you call, inadvertently learned that the girl’s phone number, the boy is very excited, rushed to say a few words, after hang up the phone and immediately dialed the girl’s number.



The boy heard the girl’s voice, suddenly forget what to say.


“You guessed it!”

Girls say a male student’s name classmate, the boy was disappointed the girl did not guess it was him.

“Oh …… how a guess right the”

The boy wanted to borrow the identity of the male students temptations girl in the end there is no favorite object.

“Oh … what do you coupons want?”

“Me ……”


“I ………”

“How do you?”

“I love you, you can do my girlfriend?”


“I’m serious”

“The amount ………”


“Let me think about it …”

“Well, I’ll call you, etc.”

“Anthracene ……”

Ten minutes later the boy called the girl’s number.

“Well …… you consider going?”

“I think we still be friends a little better.”

“I really can not accept it.”


“Well, we are still friends, I’ll hang up.”

Girl leaning against the bed, his refusal of the male students, he must be very sad, girl night sleep.

At this point the boy, not knowing that he likes girls who just want to know, yet the joke’s gone too far.

The next day, the boys go to school as usual, the next class, blushing girl suddenly went ablaze seat next to the boy, fiercely towards the boy’s stool corner kick with his foot. “You think this is fun it?” It turned out the girl afterwards that number from a friend that is a boy, and he knew everything ……

The boy stayed seated, his eyes glazed, he knew he was wrong, the joke is too high. However, it was too late. Girl angry because the boy lied to her, the girl cried several times.

A few days, the girl did not talk to the boy speak, even if it is no sentence blame. It seems, the girl get coupons really hurt, hurt badly.

The boy panicked, his immense remorse, would like to call to the girl, but the girl is not connected. Boy to girl texting

“I’m sorry, I did not mean, really, I apologize to you, can you forgive me?”

The girl did not reply, the boy did not give up, but also to send a girl.

“I know you’re angry, do not ignore me, okay. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, forgive me.”

Boy anxiously waiting for a long time, the phone bell rang, the boy grabbed the phone crazy, it really is a girl’s reply.

“I’m sorry helpful if the police need to do! Everyone can be murder, and then say sorry to him! So, your apology, I do not accept. Just do not want to talk to you!”

The boy is very happy, even if the girl did not forgive him, at least the girls ignore him.

From that day, the boy will send a text message to the girl every day, hoping the girl to forgive him. Regardless of girls will not return, he will stick. The girls will receive a text message every day, it is sent by the boy, no matter what the situation will not change.

Two months later, the girl gradually accustomed to this life, habits have received an apology from the boy sent a message of forgiveness and hope that their day. Perhaps girls are accustomed boy it ……

One day, the boy did not come to class, leave him, but still the girl still receive text messages sent by the boy, so the girls did not how to think. But after another, the boy has been two weeks did not go to school, the girl found no boys in the day is so dull, as if the whole world have lost their color, even if the boy can receive text messages sent every day, do not see the boy, heart or So lonely so empty. She hurried to call the boy, but no answer, so the girl sent a text message to a boy

“Where are you? How do you? How do not come to class?”

The boy did not return messages for a long time, waiting for the girls to realize that SMS is how much courage, how much patience. But all along, she received the boy’s reply to text messages a day, have not been, is not difficult to imagine, every day the boy would not return the girl innocently waiting …… piece of text messages

Night, the girl finally received the boy’s message “I’m sorry, so long to get back to the message to you, you must wait a long time now. I’m sorry, most recently the home of a number of things, so I did not go to school, health, okay? I miss you … ………… “the girl cried, he did not understand why they cry, cry whom, purely want to cry, to have such a boy to her!

And so ten days, no boy ten days. Girls could not find the boy, because she knows that he has fallen in love boy!

Girl desperately looking boy. Boys like the place; when sad corner boy; a boy frequented Internet cafes; the boy’s secret base; can go where the girls are not left out, can not figure boy, girl Jisi faint feel uneasy.

A classmate told the girl, the boy had a sister in school. Soon the girl found the boy’s sister, asked the boy, the boy’s sister started to cry, choking back tears, said the girls followed her home all understand. Girl boy followed the boy’s sister came home, the boy’s room, the boy’s sister, pointing to a letter on the desk, then took out a cell phone. “And this, now to you” Then from the bag boy sister turned away ……

Girl goes to his desk, trembling opened the letter.

“I’m sorry, and never can not accompany you!

Did not go to school that day, I was very uncomfortable, the doctor said that I most life only a month to go to the hospital after the.

I’m sorry you sent a text message that day I had a long time to reply. In fact, you come out of me to see, but I can easily find the usual phone keypad becomes depressed I could not move press. I spent a very long time, and finally hit play word ……… sorry …

Fortunately, you do not forgive me, huh ………… ………… but otherwise it does not matter

I let my sister left me to send you a text message every day, as SMS, I have written in advance, and in case of emergency Well …… Oh ……

I promise I will not be sad! I was not the day, you have to happy Oh!

Actually, I crush you for a long time, did not tell you …… but not say it, let you angry! And a mistake, is fatal!

I’m sorry, that thing I really was not intentional, I just want to know who you like, because I like you ………

Oh …… these are no longer important. You! Must pay attention to the body, cold weather clothes to add …………

……………… ”

Open the phone, the girl opened the SMS Drafts, which is full of the whole four hundred thirty-five messages! We are ready to sent girls!

A long time, a girl fell to the floor, speechless pain ……

Two months since …… sixty day is sixty-one message; plus two weeks is fourteen text messages; with the disappearance of ten days dozens of text messages; last four-plus phone Drafts Article 135 messages. Just …