Once the whirling

Once the whirling

Dawn clusters of green, prosthetic flower blossom slowly. Quiet and peaceful slowly delicately fragrance, elegant alone in the mountains between. Enjoy the sun dawn of baptism, is particularly charming fame. Olive green ray, was a plain indifferent heart. Downtown is a tree flowers, Qing Ji is thriving thanks to time, in life’s opportunities. Let me have a Review of the United States, the practice of instant spiritual encounter embellishment feast.

Between Huixiu with some coupons wind, light step Seduction lengthy smiling Mei Ying Lane. Quiet and sweet, in the water side, Yin sing pleasant music. Alone reward floral morning, listening to the wind whisper. Shallow warm, cordial encounter, a stunning time, a gentle years. Backtracking fleeting dash of melancholy, dash tired heart, endowed with the true emotion. Listen to the ups and downs in the earth changing, as a dream-like beings lost in the shuttle. Although some waves, but seems to have avoided the disaster. Mi Hong faint into lasting happiness, spread the leaves as tactful as quiet beauty.

Purple street gazing slowly Wu Jing, brushed melancholy mood. Walking in the warmth of summer scenery, numerous deleted everything, no icing on the cake, bathed in early summer fun, beautiful summer waiting immortal. Overlooking the bridge in the distance, the distance a vast water. Had to do a thousand sails are not, only the gulls from flying Harrier. Waves Taotao, lost vast, With a trace of tenderness, gingerly touching the soul Yi Lan mottled. Drunk once in the past, brought back numerous times searing poetic.

Then the sun, still sprinkled earth. Leaf in the breeze, warm sun and fresh.

I do not know when to whom a codes coupons sentence spoken refreshing, stroking my tenderness.

I do not know when to whom a particular care of mind, my heart sea Dangqi trace ripple Qi.

I do not know what time of Partition in Retrospect for whom a touch of emotion, knows the feeling to the depths of the slightest help people.

Silver as a mirror, the mirror picturesque. Semi fan swaying, with some melancholy. Acacia drunk, drunk dreamer.

Some read like Ripples quiet good. Some happy, warm and long, perhaps dancing, the charming, the rest of the Vulgar Xiaoya, ink random. Oh that, Xiaoxiao, shallow sweet, here are some get deals words about the melody, in the back of the mashup scene, the slowly staggered. Like a bright bloom, watery fleeting, only moments in which the collection of debris slowly, put together between the text. Finally, look for a spring season, in a purple Campanula Cuiwei sound of the wind, and then read again with a light on, listen to the words and spirit of whispering.


I can not love you, I care homes you live

I can not love you, I care homes you live

“Step a smile, a sad step, a step catastrophe, turned into moths, because love you, I would not be me, let all the wind scattered, not not say that I can not say, embracing the commitment do not blame me weak, you can not love me, I care homes you live, because love you, I just became my total you sunk. “” spend one thousand bone “theme song” can not say. ” She listens to, I do not know why, a good cry, “can not you love me, I care homes you live,” listening, aching, you shed all whom live, can live for me, whether fall into the whirlpool of love, turned into moths, from a total of sinking?

Like “spend one thousand bone” second TV series, watched their trailers, scenes, a sentence, repressed suffocating, do not know when, in tears, the sentence: “I do not believe the positive, do not believe in evil, but I believe you. “helpless eyes, looked at child painting, a scene that does not know the sprite, why not moving? But read, the sprite coupons remaining 64 ecstasy nails, nail on himself, when a small bone to inherit, I do not know why, would burst into tears …… “not you love me, I care homes you live.”

“I can not say, embracing the promise, do not blame me weak, you can not love me, I care homes you live, because love you, I just became my total you sunk.” Watched the sprite, repressed love, racked up a small bone, but also tormented himself, a small bone is gone, only lose, “a small bone, with the master home”, “I live a long stay and live six circles, live world, but after all, she still negative Negative myself. “After all, losing only to understand, unfeeling temple with her laughter, smiles, everything is branded in my heart, looking like madness for 30 years, so the cost back to the small bones, small bones do not know, whether forgive him? Love each other, but hurting, let love be moved heaven and earth, I do not know whether the mercy of their day, so lovers to get married?

A “spend one thousand bone,” I do not know how to move the heart, daydreams dancing, into the heart, wanted to pick up a pen to write, not enough to worry pen, write the play’s classic, hesitant few days, how I think or write, a lot of emotions, from the sudden surge, the phrase, “you can not love me, I care homes you live,” deeply touched me, unconsciously, has wrote “can not say,” This The lyrics, playing over and over again, over and over again to make waves, undulating thousands, if turned into moths, and you dance and rivers, whether forget myself I only have eyes for you.

See the world, how many amazon coupons people infatuation, incense floating things dyeing bustling and lonely; mistook clouds for the end of time, how a situation can not tolerate you and me? Abandon away, leaving a lonely people waiting; Easy cold fireworks, dust filled the years, can not see life, who can not read and aerial; means a place of melancholy, with a paper fragments, spectrum a Fine, lingering dream you, will, give up everything for love live? Even powder themselves, nor miss?

I can not love you, I care homes you live, you can hold flowers, and open and pity, and I; and round and pity, and you the moon; expectations allowed under Sansei riverside, Ju Yipeng fragrance, gently in embracing the water Mae, Dangqi Yi Lian, let the memory of stems, full of blossoming peach; surplus of youth bright, so warm dense heart between mildly encounter years; tenderness watery, subtle fragrance floating, Xiangxi each other, incense commitments; love is the wind, the heart of the cloud, you open the door with the line, the situation I pyrotechnics; I love long, in the years spring back at fly together, Qin Xiao roar, and you and me.

Obviously it is wrong, or the same mistake again, for the love of dedication, even if the moths; hurt you, hurt me, love on a word, no matter Takahashi; one thought in mind, I wasted; worthy of that autumn, trees, cold wind snow, do Dan ink in your heart, dance and rivers; bustling solitude together, watch each other, Nianhua smile, let fate seated; you are the home of mountain water, time in a pear tree, and you Chaomu see Ewha flying than snow; a few world of reincarnation, just waiting for a glimpse of you look back; how much wind and rain, how much suffering, love you, will lose self; even if you can not love me, for you into the magic, I care homes you live !

Ting Feng Yin, watching the rain falls, around you, like a Chunhuaqiuyue; together with you in winter to spring, wander Sansei River, ferry support love; even brilliant fireworks, fireworks short, and for this clank and over a day year wait flow time off; even wrong, hopeless swirl, guarding the ever persistent, sink together; have you accompany, more wasted, laugh it off; a commitment, a dedication read, can not you love me, beyond redemption into the magic, for you, willing to shed everything, codes coupons protect you live!

“I can not say, embracing the promise, do not blame me weak, you can not love me, I care homes you live, because love you, I just became my total you sunk.”

Maternal love deeply, love lily

Maternal love deeply, love lily

In May, the sun warm, it is the season of flowers, the air was filled with the faint aroma of flowers.

In this light summer Enchanting, there is a flower, not amazing, even humble, but natural, fresh, simple and friendly, it is the lily flower, also known as Nepenthe.

A mother’s love, as gentle lily flower, exudes elegant fragrance, if you carefully read the product, it will deeply drunk, he’s moving better than roses, peonies not as bright, it so gently, the dough immersed in the heart of the Philippines, both opened coupon deal in any place, full of as much as possible, even scattered into the mud, also quadrangle.

“Hemerocallis Tong bands, wandering line the horizon; mother accordance break and see lily flower,” “Mother in the hands of line, wandering clothing, leaving sew, meaning fear of delay in return, Who made the inch of grass, reported in the apartments . “These are the Tang Dynasty poet Meng Jiao pen description maternal lines through the ages, whenever read these verses about his mother, my heart will be surrounded by a deep sense of warmth.

Maternal love deep, deep dash! Each of us is under the care of his mother grew up, we grow, with his mother’s expectations, our luggage was filled with his mother warned him, behind us, it is the mother of a deep sense of care.

Young, my mother is our patron saint, from waking up every time, will see the mother gentle eyes; every fall, will get his mother’s arm, winter, mother is a small stove, feels, warm ; summer, the mother is a shade for our sunshade; fall, the mother is the moon, swayed our bedside white moon; in the spring, the mother is the warm sun, give us strength, let us strong.

Remember? When we are ill, the mother lodge overnight bed lights; remember? The first time away from home, in the light of our mother to pack; remember? That parting of the platform, mother’s look in the eyes and full of sadness.

You will remember, because it bit by bit we have experienced, because of the mother’s love for the children of the world are the same.

Mother we do is small, but bit by bit into a river confluence, inch by inch, to unite her mother’s mind and love, maternal love for his mother and never asking for anything, we can not return.

“There are one of the most coupon code beautiful voice, and that is the call of the mother,” Whatever far apart, the mother’s call, always give our family love, where there is motherly, is warm, the mother’s place , that is home.

Motherhood is staring, silently watching, it can not describe, but you can feel the heart; maternal love is the power, she uses her love, inspired me sleeping dreams and fight, let me fly, maternal love can penetrate the haze, illuminate The road ahead, mother’s warm eyes and fortitude, through the years of the site, guide the footsteps of my previous trip.

A long time, the mother wanted to write a text, you can always affectionate penup, nowhere to put pen to paper, perhaps too heavy maternal love, maternal love is perhaps too ordinary, ordinary life to have and blending, so you can not see, touch less, he has been in life croon.

The real beauty of this world, not whether gorgeous, always plain, was more popular, the mother wrote the song, without euphemism sounds, will be able to resonate, for the mother to write the text, will be simple and gentle, but it can between warm heart.

“There is only a good mother, a mother of a child like a treasure, dropped into her mother’s arms, happy Colour” Whenever I think of this song, he will appear in front of my mother’s childhood holding big hands, jumping in the sun bouncing jumping good time.

Mother streams, inclusive my selfish; maternal love is selfless sacrifice for us all, mother, perhaps originally timid weak, but for children, any mother would be brave Motherhood is a repeat live up to, no landing sound, the water no trace, and was let down people, but never regrets.

Our lives are to mothers Sony ,, but forget this sacrifice of his life’s love, need love, also young, one day grow old.

Liuniansishui, no one could stop his retreating footsteps, unconsciously, the mother’s head is already full of white hair, the mother’s face has been engraved under the wrinkle, that years of deep and shallow imprint Yeah, Children do not want to touch the hearts of injuries.

Once in the book to see such a story: once every mother is a beautiful fairy with a beautiful dress, when they decided to do a child’s mother, care of a life time, will fade frock become an ordinary woman, black and white, for a lifetime.

I know that every mother have been such a transformation, even if the face is no longer beautiful, even if the body no longer slim, even though weathered the years HUAFA dip, for their children, they never say sorry.

My dear mother, I use what kind of language to express your love for me, what kind of feelings in order to express my gratitude to you? Mother’s love, our life moved forget, maternal love is grace!

There kneeling sheep milk grace, there is nurturing the meaning crow, if one day the old mother when she hobbled when the white-haired, you can take a walk, holding her hand, like a child she escorted us to learn walk the same; if one day, her trembling hands already Nabu Wen cups, if you can gently wipe their water spilled, smiled, said she say it does not matter, just as he had as we ……

I have heard very sad word, the so-called mother of a son, but means that we in this life constantly watched children back lopsided.

Then the mother festival this day, let us stop and hurried footsteps, go home to his mother a hug; let us busy, the call to his mother, and do not forget, in the dull days, his mother and some promo warm Surprise, in fact, when our mother would say, I do have, I’m fine, you busy bar ……

Filial son wants his parents wait, Thanksgiving need in the moment, willing to cherish all the world’s children!

May flowers, rendering the beauty of this season, how much affection, lingering fragrance of years, belonging to the mother in this festival, let us send a strain Nepenthe heart for mothers, to our mother, Music and worry-free, happy and healthy!

Stay away from a ride landscape

Stay away from a ride landscape

Thoughts like sea, beating heart surging, waiting like a horizon of months, with patience between Profit and Loss. Flowers groan, hear the birds. Red beans to title a season, but also to you! There is a bitter sugar to meet, among whisper, full of love! If you are around at the moment to do a water lily and secure guarding a dream, struck a fire in your eyes, fishing romance Elixir of Love. Wind woke exquisite ear, the already dim midnight, you and lamps become dawn landscape! Dear, good codes coupons morning!

———— Inscription

At dawn, he opened the eyes of Xing Xing, can not remember how long did not sleep easy, words those worried about messy chord. Sunny day in May, I forgot to accept your gentle, warm and windy stole miserly. A mark warmed seated at your fingertips, setting off the fire, since so clever that can give you a fulcrum. In fact, the fall, and if he did not get back up again desires, all that outside intervention is futile. As I have experienced yesterday, but you were a tree, destined can control the situation. Spring will be you Yuet chant, brought me a sugar sweet, it depends also need to learn and you let it all naturally, become my future habits. You see, the sky is blue, it is nirvana heart lake sky blue sea, after the ashes.

“Stay away from one-way landscape”, so that the days of lazy idle drifting eyes, can not predict tomorrow, try to make the garden of the soul kiss in the spring. Breeze fence small courtyard, a tea, a song, a man accompanied by free, is the years of quiet good and sweet. When you can hear the voice of flowers, it is a natural blend between heaven and earth. Vegetation solid color, as shown signs of life is not difficult. Like to listen to Buddha Zen, it seems years ago I also had the Heart of practice, once the palm of a Buddha white water lily. Zen Drum sound of distant, let the heart infatuated with three thousand bustling removed out of danger mounted cool enough. After the sails had to do, seeking nothing but a rice porridge with a person, I gently took the bowl, your eyes are full of security already warm.

Walking in the spring of tail, too late to finish in a hurry will be farewell, leaving the original season is also a pain, it seems that with these words can describe the appropriateness: “This situation no account can be removed only under the brow and the heart.” No pick one color comfort eyes, do not own a bunch of pink feminine mood, I still quiet, such as tea, holding incense sticks on old, grown up with their empty amazon coupon souls. Give me a warm cup of coffee, in addition to this I have no other hobbies, yes, it seems that the pain slowly began to like it. Bitter aroma will do, really! Fear of hardship before things actually turn of now, I do not know this is good or bad changes. If the song sounded at the moment there is nowhere resettled mood, please take it away for me, even sadness, even tears are most afraid of is this: do not move ahead in three thousand wind, half-frame poisoned heart hurt.

Afraid that they will no consciousness, block all the scenery, and then buried alive is not much time remaining. I love less afterlife, wait a purgatory of torture in general, but I did not care, casual walking on the road, a mood, liberating, and then looked at the front to chase a dream of his own. A process enough food for thought, why do we care whether to join hands in past lives.

Early the next morning, the yard more than a trace of green, verdant Shashi Hou who do not know a bud, the original has been fleeting chaos Bliss, just so casual, it is finished, ignoring the scenery, wasteful mood. Hey! I am still me, just infatuated with a tangle of vines, can fruition, is no longer important to me, the dream is gentle relaxing sunny. How life in Lazi, without thinking, God will not owe my life. Life is a display of fireworks, I do not want to plead, if Kam book difficult to care, and that we must remember: he had loved, excluding Loss and Gain ……

Erase those who should not have to tangle, walking in the season it lightly armed, if the heart is tired, sleep under. Tomorrow clutched in the palm of others, doomed to happiness, if life in accordance with routine the cards, look no climax and downs, all I Chang’an is also an incomplete. Life is experiencing the challenges and tribulations, his own soul carved, natural jade, crystal clear, is certain gold Ebb Tide. If you write your own life, we do not necessarily draw a complete picture, as long as the heart, but do not discredit it worthy of the world.

When playing chess with himself, it is the most cruel, not fit, not reluctant, unable to let go of the past, the future can not open. But no one would have been in place, the tree still while the wind blows, this is life. You and other people do not wait for you, so you people are gone, the most painful insight, it is called to be missed. Pour a discretionary one between the other side is on this side, if you could get not get coupon put, you say please forgive me, love is not compensation, life is not waiting for dawn, it is the desire to move on heels. Memories is a bundle to have a degree to know relieved to know forgotten. I never expect what will happen tomorrow, have a good day is the most resounding clang. There have been confused, anxious had, had a desire to give up, you can still find strength in the rebirth of the trek, and now is the Gobi Desert Eagle, will not be defeated soul in full bloom. The biggest race of life is to overcome their own, rainbow after the rain is to build a brave, if heart strong, tempered into a steel.

We, do not you run away

We, do not you run away

(Cause – “Eastern Star” ferry compatriots)

Today, I could feel the rain,

Pain spreading.

Laughter ran aground,

Body, like a drop of hot flame.


Remember yesterday,

Also telephone connection,

Today, no more of your audio,

The tears flooded my heart.


God’s face that they please,

In a flash, the day each side.

We repeated coupons the prayer over and over again,

We are looking forward to a miracle.


Loved ones, we will not let you sleep!

Friend, we can not see you from this!

If you can hear us shouting,

Be sure to adhere to the disaster distraction.


Afraid, you are no longer open eyes,

Afraid, no longer see you smile!

How I wish, news will deceive us,

At the moment, our hearts are closely linked with you!


Yesterday, the distance so close,

Today was so far away,

Only in the moment of life and death,

That suffering, that how can we reduce?


Thousand words,

How to say have to do our miss?

You buried flooded by water in the dark,

But for, God coupon deal can be spared.


Eyes, misty one,

More ChenDian mood.

We are counting down the time,

Eager, you can survive in a disaster.


Perhaps, the world there is a wave,

Students from both, but also by death,

Just hope, you,

Never, and we said good-bye!


We do not look at you go away!

We do not wind and no chord song!

We do not have a sad life curve!

Disaster, please get coupon stop acting!

Tragedy, you quickly end!

Pearl River next night

Pearl River next night

Today foreign friends come to Guangzhou to see me, I told him the best night to see the Guangzhou Pearl River. After dinner with friends along the small creek has been moving forward at this time, the lanterns, the city has been out of daytime noise Xiao, a bit quiet. Not fifteen minutes to the Pearl River. Then the night has come, the Pearl River lights are lit up, became the world’s coupons marine lights, light. Wow! So beautiful it! Pearl River night reflected on the colorful lights, like a bright crystal palace!

By night, the lights in the Pearl River, is really invites. The antique stone balustrade, a branch of the bright moon light boat, their heads held high. Far looked like stars in the sky, nestled in River. Both sides of the leaves have been mapped spotlights shining green, like a dream of fairyland general. River, decorated boat gently drifted across the water from time to time, from the microwave and swayed with colored lights, in the river to draw a Road dazzling rainbow. Shore visitors, some sightseeing walks, some chat on the stone benches, as well as young men and women riding a tandem bicycle in the crowd happily shuttle.

The river, a seat in colorful bridge across the Pearl River. Look! Some like two fly Phoenix prepared, some like two colorful butterflies, some like a strip of colorful ribbons, some like a colorful rainbow road, some bridge on both sides neatly lined with dolphin “stars”, some bridges dazzling, really beautiful ah! Haiyin bridge is magnificent, as the myth of the giant across the broad Pearl River. Mount Haiyin bridge, and the wide road, a total of six lanes, regardless of day and night, are busy. Deck lined sidewalk. Bridge, car stream, a lamp lights if the dolphin gallop stars.

I came to Guangzhou people know, the Pearl River waters wide, endless. Pearl River water through the control departments, become particularly clean, like a transparent silk. Many people are dedicated to the Pearl appreciate it that clean water and green trees, after some foreign friends to enjoy the beauty of the Pearl finish, are amazed. Cruise on the river by the glittering lights outline the contours. Reflected in the river, sparkling, color spray thrown up. A boat cruise slowly promo moving forward, like a tailor’s the big scissors, cut the Pearl River this horse gorgeous silk. The neon lights decorated the boat, people sipped some tea, some enjoying the breeze blowing, some enjoying Pearl River beautiful night.

I came to Guangzhou people know, row upon row of tall buildings in Guangzhou. Guangzhou CITIC Tower, television tower were built. But most catches the eye, or the Guangzhou Tower! Guangzhou tower was known as the “waistline” is like a beautiful girl with a slender waist. Whenever the rising sun, bathed tower like Sleeping Beauty, she had another name: “waistline.” The night of the Guangzhou Tower is a dancer with Rouman posture, “she” and “costume” color that they please, while the red, while orange, while blue …… while still colorful too! In Guangzhou, he is a noble queen, other buildings are “her” subjects, “they” look forward to the Queen, on the “she” vanquish. Guangzhou Tower is a place of beauty girl, “she” in front of his mirror – according to according to Pearl, never tire.

Guangzhou, this has a historical and cultural city for thousands of years, is a good scenic places, especially the Pearl River aliexpress coupon night, let me Northeast amazing. I watch the first time such a magnificent night, feeling the civilization of modern society, and prosperity!

Pearl River night really memorable ah!

If possible, I would like you by my side

If possible, I would like you by my side
Water a dream, flowers everywhere. Meet as porcelain, friend as a mirror, because of this understanding, such as water no longer keep in mind that lonely crossing, is not no place to place, Huakaihuaxie, ebb and flow, quietly guarding the heart of the sky, MO Q Wandering Road away, but once they know each other meet.

– Inscription

A person, a curtain clear dream. Who said, only the lonely people sit down before they can regain bustle. Many times sad really nowhere to hide, then let your heart go amazon coupon out soaking up the sun, you listen, Bluebird singing in the branches, across the window, the wind swinging willow slender waist position, the warm sun shines on the passers-bright face, wearing purple windbreaker woman, willowy gait, long hair fluttering, Yang Zhao fresh green of spring water in general, as if another long absence of their own, in an upsurge of the slightest movement in the pan, he did not help sad. What could be more people than spring view heart? Not a season, but a soft touching feelings, it allows me to hold hands warm, fresh and quiet into the heart of the spring.

After all, the weather in April, even under a drizzle, the air still glowing cozy warmth, cool breeze, jointing vegetation growing in green mountains covered with a new, colorful flowers flourish, for warmth April adds poetic.

In April, according to the brow bend, twist ray flowers, linger in the hearts of your know, lonely heart, full of affection, I think this time the yard flowering plum blossom tea is extravagant, falling petals no longer picked up, can not help but have a trace of sentimentality over the heart, when thinking about the subtle pink flowers, the yard is full of fragrance in the air.

Time such as water, accidentally went through a flowering, you still retained that year, when I took the time to photograph your Mui, and if you still treasured in her heart? Palm flower, shallow bloom, touching the hearts of the lake, with a little sad, a little sweet, a little hope, delightful season, looking forward to the night drunk linger in your heart.

Accustomed to a cup of tea, shallow, inundated with rain in the days, when watching the drizzle stopped when the float, as lazy thoughts, in the chapter Ruoyouruowu can not put pen to paper. Celadon bowl small bowl, put the number of the fate of the depth to be the next? Years tea, the more Hisamitsu Hong, Bodhi keep quiet like time, day give yourself over, and you have been placed in the heart. I used ink stained spring, bloom years to write, write white clouds over the gap, as well as flower yugao, Chapman fence guarding the hospital, thinking of spring, has been in full bloom in my words, and my heart bright with eternal spring.

Rongrong moonlight night, look out the window shadows on the sparse, cherry rain, thinking of you put on a moonlight, cited wind up on the stage. Yuning laugh at the coupons window to see if I would mind thousands of Mexican soup. Sit, just point a curl of light, the cage a pregnant sympathetic love, listen to my endless whisper. Then look at me in a clean heart, fried rain into the tea. Be a mixing chamber of tea, you and I light discretion slow product. You come and go like clouds, like style, do you come from, you do not know where to go. Just tea, drunk silent phase.

Memory of wind, a drop of crystal clear tears, light touch, will penetrate the feelings, such as blue. Many times, just use words to tell Xinyu, moon and stars at night have folded thoughts. Should not met, I was not writing alone would not have a touch of sadness, will not let a heart diem misty rain in innumerable twists and turns? Should, silent companionship, a ride can be beautiful landscape of clear joy, then, needless to say, you can understand the heart of the miss. Hold a calm and safe warm, guarding the heart of a white, light, just a touch of yearning, a touch of appreciation, light bloom ……

Emotion is a death, but after the time, waiting for years pale, precipitation will gradually verdant thoughts in the misty clouds. Frank Lin Chun spent too hastily, much affection withstand the test of time and distance. Who affectionate, swept over the far shore that cold facial features, twist season color, and the light hidden in the bright light of spirituality but between Zen concept. Haruki Murakami said: for people who love each other’s heart is the best house. Yes, guarding the heart, if not speak, it is very good. Xie downtown will eventually go, then the beautiful scenery will change with the seasons and decline, we are just struggling to find his heart Tuotie Find a place where. That’s it!

Morning, big flower big flower sun spilled over the window bier in, the whole body and mind at ease immediately beautiful, after all, is coming in May, and the window is flowers such as Jin, casual roadside trees and give birth to a lot of leaves, many flowers just bloom, a tree a tree, white, purple a tree a tree, although not by the names of those flowers, but will see them moving posture every day. Bright warm season to the memory of human warmth, a ray of gentle affair swaying in the wind, a touch of warmth in a dream as ever miss a poem, flat Zeze between the lines, filled with love and not regret.

Dimei, a few cases on the basin of orchid green and pleasant, the wind from the page of the book, Mr. Zhao and Shen wrote that sentence greets, “I have done many parts of the bridge, read many times of the cloud, drink many types of wine, but only the best loved a proper age people. “I do not know the feeling, the one to the deep. It turned out that good writing is not magnificent works, but in the cloud Kam book, the little joys and sorrows in this world. There are deep-seated Acacia, deeply understand, faint feeling, is the real warm earthly, jasper generally parked in my heart, and if a cotton clothes, caring, warm heart.

Spring further away, the air flowing warm summer. Nostalgia for a season, because the season there may be memories of fragments, there are moving style, there is not erase Qiannian. It is said that the years, the word pencil on white paper, then clean and polished, will leave marks. Just so when I sat in the depths of the spring, hold loneliness in my heart a long warm your name, remember, the night of May flowers, each piece you wrote sentences; remember, when you give me Delicate Hebi ago Each one text.

Not to think about how much you look forward to with sentimental dark eyes hidden inside what? Spring last summer not to ask, who would in your quiet heart lake ripples? Just the touch of decidedly, placed in between the lines Qingwan. I miss and loneliness, there is most true yourself. Because aliexpress coupon of this understanding, I would like to do the same woman lotus, guarding a piece of your heart empty, silent fresh fragrance.

White plum blossoms fall, said: love to the deep, always inevitably ask: “Why should I meet you.” Yes, ah, if not met, I have just a grain of ordinary dust, busy every day for life, lost in the vast crowd. Because of the encounter, everything began to change, with the responsibility and role, with the joy and pain. So sometimes would rather not encounter life rather not shake hands, but if life did not meet, but will be how dull.

And get lost in life, pregnant with sorrow, the same tears, there are drunk. Looking back at me several times, the deep with a real heart. Rye, rain eyes, let my tears freeze your back. I know people, one will sympathize with his heart. I do not know who any of my writing the snow, he finally is indifferent. I believe the time will save all of the warmth and emotion for me.

Accompanied dough wind, the window came the melodious sounds, it seems there is the voice of flowers, as well as songs about spring unknown. Quietly reading a book, then watch the moonlight falls on the windowsill of the basin of orchids, as if the time on the TV. Xinyi and enjoy this bright, stable appropriateness, twist touch of fragrance, if possible, would like you by my side.

A love letter to her sister

A love letter to her sister

This life, I was a butterfly, Shizumori Yi Mei bloom. Splendor flowers, the flowers butterflies death.

Suiyueruge, between light Young graceful melody, I open your heart, puppy love, a God-given fate, let you and I met, you Splendour happens, I want to put the shy face, such as plum-like matte finish, like snow pure, water-clear, etched in my heart mark, already eight years. Despite the erosion of time, that did not dilute this feeling, but let it appear to be more valuable, more in-depth bone marrow.

Some people say that life is like a clock, walk our feet all the time, but our hearts are forever fixed in the middle, both legs go, the heart is always unchanged.

Some people say: Love is the book, turned too fast will miss too seriously will cry.

I want to say: Our feeling is this brother and sister plum butterfly dance, inadvertently encounter, sublimation years.

Vaguely remember the year college exam, carrying our broken dreams, she embarked on the road of repetition,

Vaguely remember that a bulk of the girl, she has a pair of pure transparent eyes, twinkling seems to have electricity.

Vaguely remember learning together in that small classroom inside, to encourage each other the day, in those dreary and monotonous years, our busy for their own ideals. If not you good at math than I am, if I had not physically stronger than you, maybe none of us who have no time to take into account, each with their own solutions and elliptic curve equation, each carrying its own Newton’s laws. So, perhaps we will always be two parallel lines, maybe I can never understand Newton said the force’s role is mutual. Later I came to understand, in higher mathematics, parallel lines intersect at infinity ie, Newton’s law also applies to the feelings, the role of love is mutual, you hurt, I hurt me.

That period ignorant of years, we were the morning run, crazy together, go to Internet cafes ,, skipping aliexpress coupon along strike against bad cafeteria food, it is to eat chicken every day. After each topic to explain to each other, we always ask Coke, do not know why, to this day, every time to buy a water pick to last always pick a bottle of Coke.

Initially, you always call me “dead country”, my name has a national character I can understand why we must add a “dead” in front of it? So I will count on the meter, yielded intentionally misheard as a “dead man”, so there is some time to force you changed to call brother became my pleasure. Later, you really call me brother. And a call is eight years.

Time has not yet woman man this term, but your height putting pressure on me, though now you and I almost, but time length shorter than you, that is my slow growth, malnutrition, plus give you a resulting in bathwater, and that you have some responsibility. When you live in the dormitory on the fourth floor, a bucket of water from a canteen on the fourth floor stairs, is the need to break several times, each time tired of sweating, I was so foolish as full of happiness. After all, take care of my sister is so rewarding.

At that time we probably do not understand what is love, what is feeling good and who only know the results, to the list is the star, it is the object of worship, with your eyes when docking amazing heartbeat, feeling very Wonderful. Obviously you stole my heart, but the feeling in the thief who is me.

At that time we had and only a simple dream, that is admitted to a good college, winning glory for the family, for everybody busy. Do you like Finance, said University financial professionals to learn, I like electronics, inspirational be admitted to one of the four University of Electronic Science and Technology. Every time the garbage picked up the board, like pick up a treasure, put it in the most secret places quarters, when the worship of the same God, every day, took a look, demolition of a split. To find a lot of power. Remember there is agreement between us, and that is who is the most powerful in 10 years, also pulled the hook, although until now, we in the end than what is estimated now can not tell.

“My brother, you are so fond of electronics, and so we have to work graduated money, you send me a computer amazon coupon these days?” At that time, the computer for us was a wonderful thing, to see few opportunities to more than 5000 about the RMB, although 5000 was a time for me to astronomical figures, I still keen on the idea to shoot each of the offerings without thinking, good! You pursed mouth, two big eyes full of expectation: I want my brother personally invention. To this end, a direct result of my college life spent in the engine room and the laboratory became a real nerd. Now feel they are in the lab inside Daisha this, you can not shirk its responsibility. Although until now I did not fully understand the various modules of the computer. Actually it became a hard to force the program ape.

Maybe wait until the landscape are seen through, I’m still your brother blue color.

Maybe when tomorrow becomes today, today, yesterday, yesterday became the memory of one day, we can see a steady together.

Perhaps after many years, if you married, if not marry me until you hair waist. . . .

Until today, I’ve been through over the eight years. During an argument there, there have been trouble, and even longer period of time pique contact. So I slowly summed up a theory, I like winter two pair of hedgehogs, time together will be stung each other, leaving will feel cold, I want to talk today can pull the thorn become penguins.

Skelter, noisy, like we’re accustomed to each other’s temper, I always sentimental, La La weave, you said I was not to the menopause. You still careless, forgetful, remember eight years ago you always keep up with the car, it is now the case. Was the other eight accused temper that has not changed, friends say that we have a tacit understanding so much like an old married couple, each face of such embarrassment, it was always laugh.

In fact, I would like to call microsoft coupon you my dear, every time you were not allowed, it is always angry, she said her sister is unique, and so is special. I have no way, anyway you laughed and I laughed.

That year, the top scenery Baita ACM, we watched the river water resources, and you want to leave this life, I carved for your oath on the wall, that time, I back you, the first time you have physical contact, the feeling is so wonderful.

That year, Bear Mountain snow and pleasant, I do not know you fascinated me, or are you fascinated by the scenery, we hugged, it was our first deep hug.

Today we, Shenzhen and met after work can eat together, go shopping weekend can be hand in hand, discussing what to eat today, where to go next week. Total attributed to plain living,

Standing time of intersection, when I look back, thousands mood light lock eyebrows, a paper for years, half letterhead Xinyu, a section of your memories, bit by bit, if we did not have those fail, if you are not good, If I’m not physically strong, and perhaps now we had no contact. Should the time to mature, time well, can you talk about a male and female friends do not love, because in this life, I want to be your brother.

A sleeve with plain, as you dance Allure miss

A sleeve with plain, as you dance Allure miss

Windblown messy tassels off-balance,

Heart, pride in the obsession.

Hasuike side, I used a plain sleeve

Allure miss you dance.

The Hills watertight, how separate them off attachment?

Because to understand,

Do you love the story, I will not be absent,

Since then, where are you, my heart is.

Your grace, circulation in my four seasons.

This life, for coupons you the Luoshan, Yi Mei fluttering,


I have owned a bunch of flowers, waiting for you to.

I will be the most beautiful posture, open your Ping.

You got all the love stakes,

How can I let you lose?

Amidst the picture, I would like to embrace the line with you,

Through thick and thin.

Drink a glass of red wine Kuwata,

Total according to a pool of sea youthful,

After this went on, I’ll be with you on the ride south,

Each strand of the monsoon are humming into melodies.

How I am willing,

I let you salvage lonely figure in the lakes?

I would like to count with you around and around the ring,

Tea products together with lute together,

The King tours promos together, have a dream to build together.

I will work hard to create a love of the manor,

Let inside a dust, and half a slice of moss.

I want the truth Joan stuffed full, and you pour a cup,

Any erosion of thousands of troubles, still laughing fleeting.

Life afterlife, I only wish,

And you see river sunset, steady,

Let each way are blooming, so each page Everlasting.

This side, the other amazon coupon side, right close horizon,

Just let the warm room full, not tragic knock visit!

I finally your obsession forget you

I finally your obsession forget you
Are you a person so over a long period of time? You are waiting for that guy? Are you sure you wait still a man and not have the kind of feeling?

Miss z day to play at home, watching the Miss z not popular children’s home, I can not imagine how she is a person lived here for so long, Miss z home with her except a cat really have nothing, I asks “home so neutral, should you find a boyfriend.”

Miss z slight smile, handed me a glass of juice and then sit down, look around, “I feel like a good person,” she said, very plain, no emotions, but I coupons know the real reason for a person of her.

It was Miss z still in school, she likes a person, he is a cold look very responsible, do not say good-looking but very manly boys, Miss z and he was at the same table, the two are almost daily bickering, z and I miss that time that she hated him, stiff did not know what was gentle, and I laugh and say playing a pro curse is love, then I saw Miss z embarrassed expression on his face emerges, after z miss six months to live every day quarrel, ravaged life, but I do not know why the lady talking z each time with a smile always on his face, she joked, “If I were looking for a boyfriend ah, we must and I can quarrel, so life have fun, I love looking at each other because my words and anger and happy look, very interesting. I was not there masochism ah. “I smiled and nodded,

That winter, Miss z change at the same table, she parted with him, Miss z then said nothing, but they bring a smile to the table opened, the boys said, “You finally liberated.” Miss z still respond to him a smile, In fact, it was when she was in the end only she know how to accept defeat. She always told me, “Some people always like to unknowingly walk into your world, and so when you find that he might have left.”

That New Year’s Day party, the boys came to street dance, although there are other people on stage, but Miss z said, when her eyes saw only him, he is like the brightest star under the lights, flashing a bright light, She said she then before deciding she liked this once related to his quarrel with the boys every day, after school will always miss z unconsciously glanced in his direction, to see what he was doing, and then turn back, heart secretly happy, z lady said she was when I realized that yourself so easily satisfied, as long as he can look at himself will feel happy, after the separation they did not say so many things, no longer as it was before bicker quarrel, slowly become somewhat strange, they do not have a common ground, the phrase “I love you” Miss Z unfamiliar street just buried in the snapmade coupon heart, the collection for a long time, until the school allocation practice,

Miss z and I said, was when she shared objects to find, and she hoped was a girl, but the girls have to go home to go home, dormitory living quarters, are not familiar with is not contact, know that another classmate of the boys and she said, lived together, she thought for a long time, and finally decided to try sharing Well, then live under one roof so that, when it comes to boys, Miss Z in this school had never spoken to him, it can be said it is fate, they rented a two-bedroom house, get along very harmoniously, boys like a big brother to take care of Miss z, until that day Miss z boy said he would come, Miss z surprised a moment, she likes He is so long, she thought after not separate meet again, may have to roommates, heart is very excited, Miss z Minchun smile “then reluctantly let him come good.” Then he walked back to his house .

Here I put the boys to call Miss z like Mr. S, the third day of Miss Z came home from work the house at the door they heard a familiar voice, Miss Z smile on his face, opened the door, smiled and walked Mr. S forward, looking at Miss Z, “you this girl become beautiful.” In short, Miss Z warm heart, but fortunately he was, he did not change, Miss z laughed, “I know I am beautiful, and you have a manly. “says Mr. S nodded yes” This is not have to do, you are beautiful, I do not how handsome little. “Miss Z smiled and walked into his room, Miss Z said she never thought that one day and he can live with,

Mr. S’s stomach is not good, not eat street vendors, will go to work every day, Miss Z market to buy food, Mr. S will go back to work to cook, cook it or Mr S to sell off now, Miss Z look like in the kitchen with Mr. S cook, she likes to see his serious look, and then in the next interminable fight Mr. S, say anxious, Mr. S will stretch his arm over Z Miss Elam neck, fiercely stare, then loose open indicating what she does. The kitchen always laugh constantly, constantly bickering, outside the men do not mind sharing, listening to their quarrels, from time to time but also add a little oil on the fire. Dinner, Mr. S always take their food to Miss Z, help Miss Z hold rice, but also said, “do not eat the spirit of what you want every day.” Miss Z does not respond, just smiled and brought back the mouth.

Miss Z said that once Mr. S to cook, she would wash the dishes, the results of the open water was hot, accidentally burning her, her slightly “hiss” sound, Mr. S immediately turned around and looked at Miss Z, “you’re all right right? ”

“Nothing is just a bit hot.”

“You’re sick, ah, do not see is not this hot water? Yan is not serious.” Miss Z shook his head, turned to Mr. S Baileyiyan not speak, Miss Z and I said, “You know, since every When I was hot hand, I think of what he said, then it will warm heart. ”

Sometimes when leaving her Miss and Mr. Z S two people, Mr. S Miss Z will pull the game, recalling the past, Miss Z always smiling and combat edge scrutiny, so imperceptibly two people went to the Lianrenweiman the degree of friendship above, Miss Z said that we play poker, Mr. S said this, I win you kissed me twice, I lose, I’ll kiss you twice, Miss Z argue, finally decided to Z Miss lost kiss, Mr. S lost a couple of pro brand product Results bad day Miss Z always lose, active for a long time, and finally the satisfaction of Mr. S said with a smile, “speed connection, very good,” Miss Z zaful coupon blushing back to his room.

Miss Z rapidly thereafter, and Mr. S’s feeling, Miss Z said, “he said, even if I was pregnant with his child, he would not admit that it was his.” Saying this time with a bitter smile on her face She said, “At that moment I did not know he was a fool, after all, merely a toy of his own solitude, and while he had him as the whole world.” Then, when I listened to heart with a trace of sadness. Miss Z looked back at me and said, “now I do not know what sort of relationship we have in the end, he said if you want him to be with me, but he did not know to be together one week or one month.” Miss Z temper is hard to eat soft food, obviously in confession, Miss Z felt was seeking him and his together, Miss Z replied, “I do not, those who would Daoda Mei with you.” Thus, after Mr. S was refused, the next day back home.

Miss Z said, “I was at that time holding his pillow cried for a long time, I refused my happiness, after he had been placed in my next tooth position empty cup, and his quilt did all gone, I know him that times really gone, then I decadence, drinking himself drunk, smoking numb, just like every day without a soul wandering through day after day. ”

“You are not waiting for him?” I asked, Miss Z picked up his cat, shaking his head,

“I feel not you say there, I have also always felt that I was in wait for him, maybe he will come back, you can then slowly I thought, just need to find someone to give me the kind of heart-warming feeling of people like, then I was thinking to find a sense of, not necessarily as good, in the final analysis I do not love him the man, but had that feeling. ”

“Then he comes back now you will like it?”

“I do not think of.” Miss Z said, “When you met him, you would think he can give you a look, and when he gives you a look, you want him to give you utterance, when he for you said a word, you want him to be with you as a friend, when he became friends with you and you want him to be with you hand in hand, when he held your hand, but you want a hug, when he gave you a hug, you want him to give you a kiss, when he gave you a kiss, you want him to be with you forever, until finally lost, and then think you just recall that when the original you want it’s just a look, I was so lost back is not a bad thing, and then come back is not necessarily a good thing, good things better reason is because there is a beautiful regret not completed, it will nostalgia. ”

I nodded and did not speak, Miss z said, “I thought my life would forget him, but I was so in her obsession gradually forgotten him.” My heart surprised a moment, right ah, Time will dilute all a.

In fact, Miss Z is me, I think the most beautiful I have ever seen in this life is my idol and his story, although the plot is not much, but enough I recall, though I’m still single, but I’m not going to wait for him I think one day I’ll find that I do not give the same feeling in the hope that he will find the right people, I wish her happiness, wish me happiness.